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Interview with artist Matt Ebb in Computerworld

Matt Ebb

Dahna McConnachie of Computerworld Australia interviewed artist (and developer) Matt Ebb about Elephants Dream the and process of creating an open movie.

So what exactly is an open movie? And what is involved in putting one together? Lead artist from Elephants Dream, Matt Ebb, gives Computerworld some tips and inside information on the process that he describes as simultaneously one of the most difficult and rewarding experiences of his life time.

Read the complete interview here


  • Felix_Kütt

    nice! :D
    ah' be reading in now.. :)

  • Sergeant Oreo

    Going to read this now...
    Thanks for posting!

  • ZanQdo

    Nice interview from one of the best blender artists AND blender coders in the comunity :D

  • venomgfx

    as ZanQdo said, one of the greatest blender artists *and* developers :)

    cheers up my friend!

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