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Design the BlenderNation Header

logo-mike.jpgIt's time to change our header again! I was a bit too busy for the last few weeks to take care of this - my apologies. This week's entry is created by Mike Pan. It immediately made my mouth water and that made the choice easy :) Congratulations, Mike! Your image will be on the site until next week.

To see the new header, you may need to press SHIFT+reload in your browser to force a cache refresh.

Keep the designs coming! Just paste them under this post. Also if your header image wasn't selected this week, I may still pick it next week.

I had a look over all the previous entries again, and quite a few were unusable. I'll repeat the requirements again, and add a few extra hints at the bottom:

  • only submit complete, 'ready to use' headers.
  • use the correct format (700 x 100 pixels). (size updated)
  • use the correct background color (#3388cc).
  • don't use the left-side of the image (as the BlenderNation text and menu will be there).
  • we like the (reflective) bar that Mathias introduced; you can use that as well, but it's not required.
  • please add your own name to the far right in a font like Arial or Helvetica.

Extra hints:

  • always make sure that your image has a gradient to the background color (#3388cc) at the left; the header has a 'fluid' design meaning that if the page is wider than 700 pixels, extra blue will be added to the left. If you don't use a gradient, this will show as a discontinuity in the background color.
  • again, use the correct background color.
  • don't put any text at the bottom of your image; our menu will be printed over it.


  • LukasT

    Congratulation to mike :) Cool image and so real ...

  • GabySoft

    Photorealistic, only some of cream andd mmhhh !!! Awesome!

  • Dread Knight

    I like it :)

  • Joshua

    You couldn't buy strawberrys of that quality from the supermarket. good work.

  • Kukanani

    Ummm....great image, but the "advertise" and "submit news" tabs are kind of obscured...

  • Studio Stockwell

    @ Lukast. A few days ago i saw image of a Blender keyring. I was like kool something new in the Blender shop. I found out latter it was a Blender render \^_^/


    Great work Mike,

  • Ekez

    @ Studio Stockwell: I saw the Blender Keyring on the gallery... yeah.

    @ Anyone else: Anyone have a downloadable model of a super-robot so I don't have to waste my money on Turbsquid to get one?

  • Ekez

    Oh, and @ Joshua: Nice one. Usually, the strawberries I get turn white and green in two weeks XP... Permanent 3D models = solution! Forget "Debbie Meyer's Green Bags"! Download [insert name here's (I never read the topic... just the comments ^.^)] strawberries!

    Okay. I've officially classified myself as insane.

  • Ekez

    (Last comment until response from someone) OH... His name's Mike. Duh. Now I'm insane AND unattentive.

  • zygoss

    Are there going to be new headers? it's been more than a month since the last comment... (the strawberry looks great! no problem with that ;) , just wanted to post something :) ) btw, if this is still open to new headers.., is it ok to use mancandy or oder stuff like suzanne?

  • Gradir
  • Bart

    @Gradir: very nice! I popped it in, thanks! (Do a shift+reload to see - otherwise it'll take a few days before it shows up)

  • Gradir

    Wow, I'm honored!

  • zoltan miklosi

    Is this contest in process ?? - here is my entry>

  • Bart

    @zoltan: I would use a header like that, but I think the face on the right is not so good. Maybe you can replace it with a better one?

  • raajcena

    I will Like to learn about the Header Mix with orange color and with a Cloud shade and baubles with round circles

    Can You help me Out for this


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