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Blender-an, Indonesian Blender Community

blender-an-logo.pngHave you noticed how quickly the global Blender community seems to be growing lately? A few days ago, we received a link to Blender-an, an Indonesian Blender Community site.

Eddie writes:

Hi, We're indonesian blender user, now we got our own web for supporting blender using our native language, in this web you can download many tutorials (in indonesian) for blender (still for beginner, we're still working on) and many links to the other useful softwares, our purpose is to support "be-legal" campaign using opensource and/or freeware. come visit us and drop a comments.



By the way, blender-an means "let use blender!"



  • firman ryan

    a great idea. It's a new hope how make indonesian people can easy to learn blender3d.
    i hope every country have blender community.

    Translate in Indonesian =
    ( suatu ide yang bagus ). suatu harapan baru bagaimana membuat mudah orang indonesia mengenal&belajar blender3d.

  • adhi

    Wow that great news, keep on going guys

    translate in Indoneisan= mantab bro.. biar orang barat pada tau Indoneisa bukan negara pembajak SW, kita juga bisa bangkit pake open source :D

  • exavolt

    A country which ranks #3 on software piracy :P .

    greets from Indonesia.


    wanna some durians, kaito?? ;)

  • Bart

    @exavolt: but surely not higher in rank than the Netherlands ;-)

    It's great to see you here guys! Hopefully I'll one day be able to visit your country (I've always dreamed of that).

  • huga

    wah bagus ikut ikut...

  • jojo

    tungslup, telek, yang importen kan we orang can exist.
    not only become a follower, hidup tungslup!!!!!

  • kram1032

    What a language xD
    It looks so funny.

    I also want to get there, once.
    But actually, I'd like to come to every country^^

  • arwan

    yaaa tungslup rame-rame dengan open source kita bisa maju
    since got blender my life become soo 3d

  • ireng

    thats great thing to make it free, its soo expensive to buy 3d software
    coz Igot my pocket only have 2 dollars
    Ilike the last word "TUNGSLUP"
    what's it mean?

  • exavolt

    @Bart & kram1032: It's nice to hear that some people still want to visit our country after some bad events like act of terrorism and natural disasters (earthquakes and tsunamis).

    We'll welcome you with a glass of banana juice (made with blender ;-) ). And have lunch with orang utan or komodo :D .

    Just remembered that Netherlands have a history connection with Indonesia. Some of buildings made by Netherlands are still preserved here.

    And. there's a comic titled "Rampokan Java" written by Peter Van Dongen. It tells about Indonesia esp. Java in war period (WW II). It's quite accurate.

  • exavolt

    @ireng: tungslup means dive. It's javanese.

  • RedBirdiii

    Is there an online Indonesian to English webpages translator?

  • me yoda

    indonesia's cool .... I think so, actually ;-)

  • Joe

    I thought you western people only notice Bali... not Indonesia :P

    anyway greetings from indonesia, finally we have our own blender community

  • Aussiedude

    I feel i should learn to speak basic Indonesian (or Javanese or whatever the language is which is on this page, sorry I just don't know what it is). I live so close to the country and Australia does do a lot with Indonesia. I feel guilty for not taking the time to speak to our 'neighbors' or learn anything about them. I guess I'll make it the next language I learn... right now I'm learning Japanese, although I just starting so I'm not very good at it, it takes me about 45mins just to read the first page of a Japanese childrens book, but I'm getting there.

  • pekok

    I'm glad that indonesia now become the big community in blender nation
    I want to develop all i know a bout 3d in blender
    lets "TUNGSLUP" to blender :)

  • kram1032

    Yes, Japanese also sounds interesting. But very fast.

    I never heard javanesian, I wonder, how to pronounce the words and how fast it is :)
    From looking at the spelling, I'd say, it's a smooth language...

  • broken_sword


    Cool! this is so interesting, I wast expecting it but I'm glad it exists!!! Goo indo Community!!!

    Kerennnnnnn!!!!! aku nggak sangka situs ini bakalan ada, Go komunitas indo!

    Edan tuenan! kueren-e pol! gak tak arep-i lha kok moro-moro muncul! Ayo reeekk wong Indo!

  • johantri

    This Is It !!!! ^_^ orang-orang Blender Indonesia!! BERSATULAH !!!!!!

  • imam prast

    biar telat yang penting ikut nongol.....

    ayoooo.... nge-blend....

  • http://adaaja blender-blunder

    BAH..paragh banget nih org2 emang keren kok....ciiee...

    *exavolt : BAH pargh kalipon kaw man..!!

    kok dak ada balas membalas nih lagi..sep chatiing aja jadi nya

  • teewee

    To all author. I'm an Indonesian Blender newbies tried to access ur website.
    Got in but it was hard trying to get in to the menu.
    Might need some help here.


  • rofiqsetiawan

    wow, it's good idea.
    i hope i can join with all of you soon.

    p.s. i'm newbie

  • b!d

    Tiru2 broken_sword ah...

    I've just read this. It's already a year late reading this, but it's good to know a good news about Indonesia in this site. We, Indonesian, should not be underestimated. Go Indonesian blenderan people!!

    Barusan baca. Telat setahun sih taunya. Tapi gpp, hebat ada berita bagus tentang Indonesia di site internasional kaya gini. Benernya orang Indonesia tu hebat2, jangan diremehkan. Ayo maju orang2 blender Indonesia!!!

    Javanese (rodo Temanggungan):
    Gek wae moco ki, wes telate setaon. Ning ra popo, lumayan, etung2 ono kabar Indonesia sing rodo apik ning website kelas internasional. Ora nyangka temenan, sakjane wong Indonesia kuwi yo ampuh2, ojo disepeleke. Yo, podho maju wong2 blender Indonesia!! Yo tungslup-tungslupan (kok rasane rodo saru)!!

    to:kram1032 (wherever you are, if you may be reading this)
    I don't know what "smooth" you mean. But Javanese has 3 styles, the Krama style is a very polite language (or just say it "smooth"). It's difficult to learn (at least for me :O ), and it's rich in vocabulary.

  • mpri

    Absen dulu, ah. Biar telat asal selamat. Well, I've once given up learning Blender in the past years. I thought, with it I would never achieve what with Maya I can do. Worst decision.

    Blender has evolved to be an excellent piece of software. I, myself, a programmer, and just never get to understand, how can a 3D engine with a flexible GUI toolkit, scripting language, a game engine, a logic bloc, and with all the bells and whistles, can fit to a tiny 9MB installer. And it can render a CG movie too. Comparing it to Maya or 3DMax is like David to Goliath.

    I wish I never given up learning. Well, enough said, I guess I just need to go to the website.

  • zainal

    i love blender, especially in game maker, very very smart program,..
    good luck Blender......peace off halal

  • Wach

    WOW ! it's 'hebat pisan, euy' ! Let's blend, guys... !!

  • HePY

    Siiiip, jebul akeh kancane je. waduh, kuper aku, dadi bisa ngumpul bareng kiyeh.
    Oke.. let's go to the rumble. HePY Blendering!!

  • Elfaz Blender 3d

    Ada gak ya forum indonesia Blender yg makek bahasa indonesia?. Klu gak da,siapa saja bisa gak di buatin forumnya demi kemajuan open source di Indonesia.

  • Elfaz Blender 3d

    Tempatnya tutorial blender dan news blender.
    Blender 3d dan Game

  • Luk

    Forum Blender Indonesia

  • ical

    mau tanya yang biasanya dapt jadi pembicara blender siapa yaw....
    tahu gak namanya.....

  • Rio Pancaputra

    For Information
    Buat rekan komunitas blender perkenalkan saya Rio Panca P dari APMI (Asosiasi Penyelenggara Multimedia Indonesia) perlu saya infokan bawha APMI sdg di percaya oleh DEPKOMINFO untuk pengelolaan render farm yang saat ini sudah saya install dengan blender 2.40 pada perangkat server render farm SGI 32 Core bagi rekan yang berminat menggunakan dipersilakan untuk trial pada studio kami di STO Telkom Joglo,Jl Joglo Raya No. Jakarta, Untuk info lebih lanjut dapat menghubungi e-mail saya di [email protected]
    Rio Pancaputra

  • Gozali

    Bapak, ibu, om, tante, temen2, mo nanya niy, pendatang baru di blender.
    Saya menggunakan blender 2.45, saya punya sebuah kotak persegi panjang (berbentuk vertikal), ketika saya mencoba untuk memotong keluar error "Could not order loop error".
    Error itu muncul setelah saya coba extrude dari persegi panjang lain (berbentuk horisontal) melintang. Setelah 2 persegi itu nyambung, sy coba Ctr+R keluar error tadi.

    Ada yang bisa membantu?



  • andri love fruit

    hai...everyone. Where is the ''ACTOR BUTTON'' in game engine blender 2.57

  • yudhynov

    Great... Ane Join gan :D, btw ada forum di media lain ga? di kaskus/fb, dll ?

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      BlenderNation caters to an international audience, and English is the main language. You're welcome to publish comments in other languages, as long as they contain an English translation as well.