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Walk Cycles

Biomotion Lab 1If you are trying to learn how to make a natural looking walk cycle, Joeri points us to this site, Biomotion Lab. Biomotion Lab has created a real time walk cycle model where you can adjust the various parameters such as male / female; heavy/light; nervous/relaxed, happy/sad.

In addition, you can rotate the model on the Z axis as well as add lines between the marker points. I also like to make copies of the walk cycle creations for future reference using Cam Studio

Other sites to consult on walk cycles:

Learning to Walk [In Blender] by Nathan Dunlap    Ludwig
Idleworm Idleworm

Maximized Maximized


  • Cuby

    That's very cool, and very interesting. Thanks for the link! That would be really helpful for doing walk cycles.

  • carlinhos

    very nice! it rembers me the walkdesigner in poser.
    maybe this is also of interest (because the site is in dutch, it is not obvious for me):

  • AniCator

    CamStudio sucks on my pc. It doesn't record at the assigned framerate.

  • LazyCoder

    That'll come in handy for me a lot!

    Why is the male/female thing a slider? Is it possible to be sort of male? lol

  • roofoofighter

    Because there are differing degrees of masculinity & femininity. Some guys act more feminine, some females act more masculine than average.

    Of course, I am 100% masculine...

  • jarr2000

    I consider a males movement to originate from his chest, while a females to originate from her hips when animating. I guess it's just what you want to get across... will be interesting to see what the slider tweaks :)

  • claas

    would be great you could save the motion and import into blender ;)

  • carlinhos


    yes, and it would be even better to have a walkdesigner integrated in blender (like in poser).

  • Francisco Ortiz

    Awesome resource Tim! Thank you very much for sharing.

  • epat

    hmm - this sort of thing could be done with pyhon inside blender...
    looks cool though!
    ~epat. :)

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