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Myths and Legends of the Amazon forest

vlcsnap-20396.pngVirgilio Vasconcelos who brought us his 3D remake of Chuck Jones One Froggy Evening wrote:
"Hey, guys!

I'm writing about a commercial project that me and two friends of mine have done. It's five short animations, which were showed in an musical event here in Brasil.

This musical event was about old myths and legends of the Amazon forest. Before each song, an animation about the legend were shown on the big screen. There will be other dates for this event in the next semester using these shorts.

We (myself with animation and 3D stuff, Suryara Bernardi with drawings and Jovan de Melo with paintings) had an extremely short deadline: all five animations were made from concept to final render in a bit more than a month.

I have just started a thread."

You can download all five animations and Virgilio has a summary of each story in English on his Blender Artist thread. They are recorded with the FFMPEG CODEC. You can use VLC Media Player to watch them.


  • ZanQdo

    Exelent work! I'm glad portuguese is so similar to spanish :)

  • Kram1032

    these are VERY nice :D

  • Kernon


  • Alltaken

    wonderful, i couldn't understand the language but the animations really held it together.

  • EnV

    Great job, very professional.

  • Brian

    Wish there was more info about how they used Blender. Would love to see some screen shots and some info about what pitfalls or successes they encountered. Hopefully in the BA thread.

  • Bmud

    This is really delightful. I'm very surprised that there aren't more responses here.

  • Francisco Ortiz

    Hey Virgilio!

    Could you post a You tube version for us?

    Thank you.

  • Martin

    I'm really impressed! Wonderful and delicate work! I really like to show this pieces of excellence to my students of Blender! And I'm glad too that portuguese is similar to spanish!!!!

  • Lucio


    Como profissional da área procuro sempre analisar a parte técnica logo de início, mas confesso q tive dificuldade, pois não tem como não se envolver com a história.

    Vocês são do Amazonas mesmo? Qual cidade?

    Queria aconselhar que fizessem uma versão com legenda em inglês pra a comunidade mundial conseguir apreciar melhor um trabalho tão interessante e conhecer melhor nossa cultura.


  • Carlos

    I want youtube version too, please!

  • VirgilioVasconcelos

    Hey guys!

    Thanks a lot for all your responses! It really makes my day =D

    I'm uploading the videos to YouTube now. Since my connection isn't the fastest, it will take a while to complete all five.

    Unfortunately I didn't have time yet to put subtitles on them, but I hope I can do it soon. When I finish it, I'll update the thread, so who posts something there will receive a message on the update. ;)

    @Lucio: cara, muito obrigado pelos seus comentários. Gostei muito dos trabalhos do seu estúdio (Z4) :) Nós somos de Goiânia, e as animações foram feitas para um evento musical sobre as lendas de lá. Grande abraço

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  • Asish

    Na na eta ki holo? Tumi portugesse jano are ami Spanish Jani. Bolte paro kon language- e ami likhchi?

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