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Realistic Blender Explosion Tutorial

Boom!About two months ago we reported on a contest to create the most realistic explosion in Blender (Elysiun thread here). There were many fine entries, but this one by Rhysy2 was the clear winner. Great job to Rhysy and everyone else that participated!

Not content to sit on the knowledge himself, Rhysy has been kind enough to create a tutorial for everyone to download (.pdf). Don't forget to let us know what cool explosions you come up with using this technique. Now if Rhysy could just write a tutorial on how to pronounce his nickname.

Update: this tutorial is now also available in German. 


  • FastEddy


    this tutorial is also available in german. I translated it a few days ago and put it on my website.

    just look here:


  • qwequ777

    Cool! Danke für die Arbeit!
    Thanks for the work!

  • Joel

    YeS! I've been waiting for a tutorial from Rhysy for ages! This tutorial looks really good.

  • Joel

    Hmmm... I seem to be having problems opening the second .blend file. I get the error: "Incomplete .blend file"

  • Tynach

    Cool! Now to see how he did it, then add motion blur, DoF, etc.

  • etr9j

    The one I have (from the pdf link) works fine. What version of Blender are you running? Have you tried downloading it again?

  • Joel

    I'm running Blender 2.41. I'll try dowloading again now.

  • Joel

    I downloaded again, and it didn't work!

  • etr9j

    Well I am baffled. So here is me throwing ideas out there:

    1) I downloaded it last week, so maybe the one on the site now is corrupted or cursed. I could send you the one I know definitely works and see if that solves the problem.

    2) Are you using the x64 version of Blender 2.41?

  • Rhysy

    Rhysy = Ree-See...:)

    The download works for me, though I sometimes have problems. Try clearing your internet cache ? Also, be aware the .blend is rather unstable and may crash at random - unfortunately, I've no idea why this is.

  • Tynach

    What operating system do you use?

  • cowman

    Hmmm, the pdf doesn't work.

  • Rhysy

    Tynach, I use Win. XP.
    Cowman, it does work, but the website has a nasty habit of cutting off larger downloads. Trying clearing your internet cache, delete the file and try again. Or try this alternate link :

  • Alabandit

    I can get the pdf. does anyone know were i can get it, or could the Please send it to me. alabandit (place at sign here)

  • etr9j

    Do you mean you can't get the pdf? I just tried and it worked fine. I'll send it to you though.

  • Alabandit

    thanks etr9j

    I tryied down loading it a number of times and kept getting corupted files - the one you sent me works great

  • Stikface

    cool i blew my parents up and it looked simmilar plus my face smells like a whorse gusset

  • George

    exactly what i was looking for.

  • zxcv

    Is there a new tutorial on this for blender 2.46?

  • Rhysy

    Not yet. I'll write one soon.

  • David


    THe links and the screenshot seems to be broken. Are they still accessible somewhere?


  • Joel

    David: Rhysy has changed his website... You can find the tutorial here:

  • Jesse1

    charley i really need u guys on my editing projects. I am a new user on blender so i need some more help, like making someone morph, glow with fire, etc...
    comtact moi thru username: jesse Pidyy

  • Dan

    Ok...I've got the new website. Still can't download any of the tutorials. Is there a new location for the tutorials? The links seem broken.

  • starplayer

    yeah, the downloads are unreachable. Anyone has a solution?

  • Nathaniel

    The links are broken..

  • BrianSzep
  • I-LIkE-Blender

    Now the link is broken again!!! I am desperate for a good tutorial, please if anyone knows of one, SEND A LINK!!!

  • I-LIkE-Blender
  • Scott

    Just in case this tutorial disappears again, I've put up a copy of it here:

  • Juan

    How about links to the .blend files? =P

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