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Blender 2.8 separates render and output settings


Gottfried Hofmann writes:

There is a new tab in the properties panel of Blender 2.8 that includes all settings that have to do with file output like image resolution, frames, format, metadata while the render tab now focuses on settings that are engine-specific and/or define the look of the render:

About Author

Gottfried Hofmann

Founder of, co-author of the Cycles Encyclopedia. Blender enthusiast since 2.50 alpha 0. Got a knack for simulations and teaching.


  1. Everything about Blender 2.8 is brilliant... apart from those monochrome icons. Can we have the coloured ones back please, or at least the option to switch to coloured icons? The response to the mono icons has been uncharacteristically negative [with good reason] for a Blender change ( ). They are hard to tell apart, and even after many hours using 2.8, they slow down my workflow.

    • Completely agreed. Where everything in Blender 2.8 seems to focus on speed up the workflow, these icons do the exact opposite. Give at least the option to choose which icons you want.

  2. I also agree that the monochromatic icons are slower to scan visually.
    This isn’t related to the video, but is it possible to add an icon to the top right of the camera view that allows me to “lock” the camera and prevent “bumping” it? It’s annoying to have to reset the camera all the time.
    My 0.02$ worth.

  3. I think the separation is good. The render tab was getting too long.

    As an unpopular opinion: I love the new icons and i think it's a matter of getting used to them. But for the first time I can actually quickly discern what they are meant to represent. They are sharp and consistent and they lower the mental load when navigating the interface. Good job, designer!

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