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Blender Sighting: Unity's "Adam Demo"


Sarwat noticed that studio Bläck used Blender in the creation of the characters Sebastian and Lu in the famous Unity Adam demo.

In case you haven't seen it yet, here's the Adam demo:

And here's the character breakdown:

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  1. When I first saw the write up on how the made the characters for this demo I strongly suspected that they did use Blender. One of the concept sculpts they showed looked like a dynamic topology sculpt, a mass of triangles it's nice to know my intuition wasn't wrong.

    Stunning work all-around.

  2. I see this is symbolical. Adam means "Man" in Hebrew. The Bible describes the first Adam as the man who fell into sin. Then Yeshua (Jesus), the second, perfect Adam, came to atone the first Adam (meaning all people who'd receive him and believe) from his sins (felonies) and then they became his followers after having been forgiven. This black dude with feathers on his back did the same to these other guys.

    • Why ruin the fun with your contrived story?! It's already quite amazing that Blender was used for such an impressive peace of work - please don't dumb it down with such desert cult nonsense that's already destroying the world.

      • Destroying the world? who is destroying the world is the human being, people like you, decrepit generalist, who puts the blame on others, If what you said was true, all Germans to this day would be seen as a bunch of arrogant racists, the human being fight for any bullshit: space, house, food, land, money , Politics, philosophy and so on
        What do you say is you talking or taking it from another revolted with life?
        He has the right to interpret the video as everyone here, keep his hatred for himself.

  3. This is great, I'm very interested in why they chose Blender over many of the other options available.

    Really awesome work, would be great to know their reasoning.

    • Rombout Versluijs on

      Holy crap!!! that dude has amazing renders all done with cycles!!!
      Wonder why i never have seen any of these on blender artist???

  4. What it proves to me is that using Blender is a legitimate choice for 3D artists. The quality of this guys work speaks for itself.

  5. Astro1derboy on

    This is fantastic work. Looks like it was all done in Blender 3D according to the demo. Amazing, amazing stuff!!

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