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Weekend Contest: Black & White



Image: White vs Black, by Christopher Cook.

Aliasguru won last weekend's contest with his work 'LeGore', and has the honour of picking this weekend's theme. He settled on 'Black & White'.

Aliasguru writes:

Finally before the addiction of weekend contesting drove me nuts and sent me off in a straight jacket, I managed to be successful. Thanks for hosting these!

Now it's time to desaturate! My choice for the next week is "Black & White". The interpretation of that can be quite wide in my eyes, it could range from replicating old photographs or film scenes, famous actors of the last century to anti-racism campaigns, jury scenes, philosophic interpretations of human thinking,...

Good luck to everyone and Happy Blending!


Post your work below (attach an image), and vote for your winner. The winner will get a post on monday, and will get to pick next weekend’s contest theme. Have fun!

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  1. How many pictures could you put in this competition?, Let's say I make two pictures, but I can't choose which one of them I should compete with, could I upload two?

  2. So I'll be traveling this weekend and didn't have enough time to put a full scene together this week. Went abstract and decided to play around with compositing more this time around (also lots of lofting and arrays). Ended up doing the same image 2 ways, but figured hey, the theme seems to beget binaries so its probably ok. Anyways, here it is I think I'll call this one "Dual Tone Diptych".

    • AspiringAnimator on

      Nice low-poly work! very crisp and creative! I especially like your use of depth of field in this picture.

  3. AspiringAnimator on

    Ok, this one's a bit brighter. I had two versions, and I uploaded the wrong one. Sorry!
    Here it is again, but brighter:

  4. Winterzcalling on

    Hello Everyone, Time was limited..but I was able to experiment with a few things I have been wanting to try. Here is my entry, Multiple Planes of Existence.

  5. This is my entry...It represents the fight between good and evil sides of a person....could have worked more on particles but didn't have time

    • Jean-Michel Leclercq on

      The rendering is realistic ! Very nice. The only thing that say to me it is not a picture is that the black keys should be slightly wider.
      But... it is interesting for piano beginners, because on a real piano, you never have space enough to put your fingers between those black keys :)

  6. Is black and white colors? That was the first thing that came to my mind. A question that easily can lead in to an endless debate. I guess it all depends on how you look at it, so I will not try to answer that one. Does it really matter anyway? Give an artist a sheet of white paper and a pencil and art shall be done. Anyway this is my contribution this weekend. Simple it is, but with all the right colors (Or lack of them).

  7. Spyros Toufexis on

    hi guys im using blender for about 1 year. When i saw the theme the first thing that came in my mind was racism. Sorry my modelling skills are not very good but at least i tried..

  8. TheLegomaster86 . on

    Here is my entry. I tried to go with a simplistic approach to the topic, focusing on light and shadows. There are lots of great entries here!

  9. Hi!!!!! This weekend I prepared "The Loaded Dice". Dice and a special carpet for special evenings. White and Black.
    Quick work, and an expensive rendering ....
    Hope you like!!

  10. I didn't really feel to do any thing complicated, bec my car just got broken ;( for the third time this month..... But however here is my entry, "An artwork says more then thousand word, but this one tells you only two things" #Black And White - there is no difference#

    I will make it better next week x)

  11. My first attempt in this weekend contests. Took me 9 hours to create this. It's still far from perfect and I could tune it up a lot but time is running out - so that is my image for now...

  12. Rogier Verkaik on

    Made a skyline a few weeks ago as a little exercise in Blender...
    This skyline is modeled after a little jpg of some crude oil painting i found.
    The blobs of paint where sketchy and I imagined more details and had quite a bit of fun modeling all the buildings.
    For this competition i revisited the model and made it a night time scene so a bright white city would contrast with the black night sky.

      • Richard Nespithal on

        I like the specularity of the ground! How did you create the small black "lines" within it? It looks too real for a bump map!? Curves with bool modifier? ;)

        • Rogier Verkaik on

          at the bottom you see the ground plane witch has the ocean modifier. there are bezier curves running over it, i gave them a bevel so they render, and made them black or white emmiting.

  13. Wow seems to be a new record of participants! Heres mine i tried some other things but it didnt work well. So i made this one.

  14. The plan was that at some point in the process this was going to start looking like Alfred Hitchcock. Still, I only had a few hours to work on it, and this is my first time using blender's sculpting capabilities so I'm pretty happy with the progress. :)

    Aaaand now I can't get the tv show's theme song out of my head O_o

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