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Blender 2.68RC1 Now Available


blender_logo_shinyThe Blender Foundation has released the first Release Candidate of Blender 2.68. Check out the release logs (very much work in progress still), download a copy and submit any bugs that you may find.

About the Author

Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. Chrome Monkey on

    Looks very very good. It's still beyond frustrating that we may be going into 2.7 with some missing functionality from the 2.4 years. If it's not addressed by 2.69 then I will really have to get all squeaky-wheel, something which I don't like to do and I'm really not very good at. :)

      • Chrome Monkey on

        In the Blender 2.4x series, the ability to use "self" as part of an expression in an animation Ipo driver. I would use a formula such as the distance of "Self.LocY" from the camera location to selectively cull objects from a busy scene. I could share that expression with thousands of objects in a scene to make it a breeze to manage without my computer falling apart.

        This functionality is still broken for all of these files as of the current version of Blender. I guess the quick question for me to ask is, who develops the code for the animation/drivers editor screen, that I may go straight to the source and not pollute the forums with this issue... after all I've only seen one or two other people ask the same question over the last five years, so it's probably just not on most people's radar. It's probably not even a quick fix, I know that fcurves were a complete rewrite of ipos, at least if I recall correctly.

      • I am waiting for Reactor Particles, where Particles could emit other Particles... Any chance?
        Anyway, you guys are doing a hell of a job! keep it up!

  2. The Cycles speed-up looks good. On my (rubbish) Quadro 4000, I got a 7% speed-up on a simple scene, and 12% speed-up on a complex scene. Nice!

    • Chrome Monkey on

      Only one hitch I found so far... doesn't immediately update when changing some shader settings such as auto-smooth levels.

      • But the speed is superb! Move a light, and a second later the effect is seen in the preview. This will surely save HOURS of preview renders for people still using BI. It's hard to believe such a significant feature just slips out like this...

    • My God this is awesome for those of us who still use BI! I played with suzanne and gave her a pretty simple SSS shader (with shader nodes) and I just love the instant feedback I get from rendered view!

      Thanks for your hard work devs!

  3. The Cycles speed-up performs great BUT there is also more noise.
    Other people have the same problem? I used a scene with a lot of glass in it and a little bit diffuse.

  4. the new view-port rendering is nice..

    it'd be nicer to have a option to automatically fall back to solid or wire-frame when objects/camera are being transformed or animation being played.

  5. TwirlySocrates on

    Proportional editing works with x-mirror!!!!!

    This has brought me no end of delight! Thanks internet-dwelling programmers!

    • TwirlySocrates on

      I also just noticed the snap symmetry.

      Does this preserve vertex ordering (or IDs or whatever)?

      Because if it it does, I'm out of my mind with delight.
      This is a tool for which I have yearned throughout the last two years.

      • @TwirlySocrates, yep, geometry order and structure is kept as-is, unlike Symmetrize this re-positions vertices to their mirrored locations rather then duplicating the mesh from one side to another.

    • This is definitely good news ! I have gone trough many headaches without this Proportional-Xmirror implementation, I have always wondered: is it only me needing this? Glad that all the pain is gone !

  6. hi, a short question...
    if i always play around with the newest daily BuildBot SVN version of blender (, do i need to play around with the RC as well? is the RC an other brunch than that of the daily build bot or is the RC a snapshot of the same trunk?

  7. Hi all,
    a quick proposal: AfterEffectsCC (Creative Cloud) now ships with Cinema4D light. It is pretty deeply integrated into AfterEffects. It is a shame, that they decided to implement another commercial Software instead of reading a more common 3D format (eg Collada).
    Is someone working on the AfterEffects Exporter or has plans to do so?
    Would be on top of my wishlist...


  8. I prefer some new things, i would like to use blender for 3D printing modeling. As with that it would be cool if blender could reconstruct objects from photo's or movie. Although cycles is great, improved modeling reconstructing, and altering real object in a 3D environment, i think is more the way 3D is heading as virtual 3D editing of 'semi real life' world. Dough this might be a bit complex, so i just hope it will get in some day.

  9. Chrome Monkey on

    Rendered View does not automatically update Auto Smoothing. Is this as designed or does it merit a bug report?

  10. Any news of upcoming OpenCL support?

    I'm running a AMD 6950/6970 CF setup and would love to make better use of it.

    At the moment I'm only able to use my cpu (8350FX)

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