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Developer Meeting Notes: June 8, 2014


Blender 2.71 RC 1 is expected within a few days from now!

1) Blender 2.71 release

  • Planning: we're now going to BCon4, release of a first Release Candidate is imminent, but might take 3-4 days or even longer.
  • Sergey Sharybin: two regressions were assigned to him, he will look into that. One is related to the switch from MSVC 2008 to 2013 (where OpenMP threading differs). This makes Blender factors slower for Windows users...
  • Bug tracker: open issues is down to 150. Not too bad.
  • Dalai Felinto: Cage Baking now has a better implementation. Meeting agreed this should go to 'master' as soon as possible, but it also would require thorough testing. Any baking fans out there who can help? Connect with Dalai!
  • Campbell Barton will be working on a visual 'auto test' page on, which will display a grid of images which each represent a .blend file (renders, opengl views). If files crash it will show, but also a way to inspect stats, and see if it differs from the disired outcome.
  • Splash Committee - Dalai Felinto, Bastien Montagne, Mitchell Stokes - picked an awesome splash! Nobody will see this until it gets committed, as usual the last commit for a release.

2) Google Summer of Code

  • Jonathan deWerd made a Nurbs Tesselator overview. We have to make decisions on design a.s.a.p. - help reviewing his work!
  • Jason Wilkins (Viewport FX III’) is getting momentum, and will present his final plan soon. It's a huge project, and he doesn't want to promise what can't be delivered. Everyone agrees it's too important to fail that way. Proposal for Midterm/Final deliverables will be presented soon.
  • All students were required to be in IRC since last week, at least some hours of every day they they work. This to improve interaction and get more people involved with them.

3) Other projects

  • Antonis Ryakiotakis is almost done with the C code for pie menus. Patch will be ready for 'master' as soon as the release has been out.
  • Ongoing discussion: when will Blender support c++11?
  • Gooseberry Pilot development plans: a report was posted on the Gooseberry Blog.



  • Wilman Darnasutisna

    When the OpenSubdiv will be release? i can't wait!

  • onjoFilms

    My choice for the splash is Abyss by Hamza Gheggour.

  • Craig Richardson

    I think I have found another bug with blender 2.70 but am not going to report it until I am know its not me and I have tested blender 2.71 RC1.

    The bug I a seeing is when you have a mesh (it can be any mesh), go into edit mode, and un select the button that says limit selection to visible, know all of the vertices should be visible even the ones on the back, everything should be normal, know go into the right panel, to where it says View, scroll down to where it says clip and below that where it says start, the value for the start of the clipping plane should be at 0.1, reduce that to 0.01.

    know reselect the Limit selection to visible button again and it doesn't completely hide the vertices that are not visible, some of them around the edges are still visible.

    Like I said I am not sure whether or not it might just be me or something I am doing wrong, but I do know it is screwing up the model and making life really difficult especially when I am retopologizing.

    Is anyone else having this problem, I think I will wait until I have used the 2.71 RC1 and if I am still having the same problem I will report it.

  • FutureHack

    Bart - Link to Gooseberry Blog appears to be misformatted

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      Should be fixed now

      • Reaction59

        I'm still getting a 404 - perhaps the Gooseberry guys moved their /blog page?

  • MSG

    how about multiview ?

  • adje

    I have recently watched a tutorial where the pie menu was used. This tutorial dates from june 2013.
    I thought I missed something. It was on Blenderartists and the creator is Aditia A. Pratama. How to make a relistic candle