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  • T.E. Mencer

    I have now realized how horrible I am at Blender compared to the greatness of .. everyone else .. I need more time to learn this stuff more.

  • Spproplus

    Really impressive!
    Looks just like the original opening scene.
    You are one talented artist!

  • Jeremy Burnett

    That was really good, I enjoy the breakdown and match up at the end. ../ Awesome !

  • Reavenk

    The production value is off the chain! The quad-view breakdown was also excellent.

    There is a very noticeable difference though at 2:46 where the water doesn't move and ripple. With the great attention to detail, I imagine that was a conscious choice; I wonder why it was omitted.

  • LucianoBaraglia


  • Paul Hartsuyker

    Smooth animation, great re-creation of the original. Any more info about workflow, materials and line work? Very well done, thank you for sharing.

  • Erebos

    My only gripe is that he didn't shoot it in twos or threes (12fps or 8fps) but went for full motion.

  • Pablo Petzen

    More 15 years and maybe ill make somenthing like this...

    Great job, congratulations!

  • KennedyRichard

    Just amazing! No words to describe such achievement!

  • Mikael S.

    Wow! great work! I´m not a fan of anime, but this is a quality work!

  • stephen

    Amazing work, if anything, I slightly prefer your version. Very good job.