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Vantage Points: 6 Screen Surround Projection Performance


American composer and multimedia artist Cole Ingraham used a combination of Blender and Processing to create an immersive performance last October.

Cole writes:

Vantage Points is a one hour performance of 6 screen fixed media surround projection and 10.1 realtime surround sound. All video and music created and performed by Cole Ingraham and uses almost all open source software (SuperCollider, Blender, Processing). The work is divided unto 8 sections:

  1. Draw and Erase (0:00) -video made with Processing
  2. Line Intersections (6:35) -video made with Processing
  3. Phase Web I (16:05) -video made with Processing
  4. Moments of Symmetry (20:30) -video made with Blender
  5. Phase Web II (36:31) -video made with Processing
  6. Jitter (39:25) -video made with Blender
  7. Organic Cage (45:25) -video made with Blender
  8. Phase Web I (56:26) -video made with Processing

Performed October 28,29 2011 at the University of Colorado's ATLAS black box theater.


  • Philipp Russia


    • blackdot

      exactly my thoughts :).

  • Francisco Ortiz

    Very beautiful! Sad that I wasn't there to have the real notion of the scale...

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