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  • greylica

    Yes, I have been using the version with Tabs for testing purposes. I
    must say that this is a nice improvement over previous versions,
    allowing more tools without breaking concepts and usability. We still
    need few tweaks, (duplicate grease pencil, some pimitives present in
    "shift + a" shortcut aren't listed yet), but once using, there is no
    turning back.

    One of the thinsg I guess we will need, is to move
    some of the panels located at the Properties Panel, related to 3D view,
    to a proper context, instead of mixing with the properties of the
    selected object. I mean, Grease Pencil, View, Display, Shading, Motion
    Tracking and Background Images panels, or move them to separate tabs
    too, so we will have a more organized properties panel.

    Ivan Paulos Tomé.

  • chromemonkey

    What happened to the idea to have diagonally oriented text on the tabs as a compromise? It takes up only the most slightly more horizontal room while also being much easier to read.

  • Christoffer

    I don't like the vertical text on the tabs, but Blender is slowly getting better and better, that's sure :)

    • chromemonkey

      I still can't find the mockup, but someone did a sample of diagonal-text tabs that would work very well.

  • Crimson Call

    Tabs are srs bsns it seems.