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Cícero Moraes Appears on Brazilian Television!

Cícero Moraes is doing some seriously cool forensic reconstruction work with Blender - I've featured a lot of his work. Earlier this week, he presented his work on Brazilian television channel Bom Dia. Congratulations, Cícero!


  • Zecc

    So basically he worked on reconstructing the face of Saint Anthony of Padua based on images of his skull. He didn't know who the subject was while doing the work, because in this type of forensic work you're not supposed to have any contextual information that may give you any artistic or psychologic bias.

    Now that the cat is out of the bag, they are to present a reconstructed 3D printed bust in the city of Padua on June 19th, his feast day.

  • belofilms

    Coingratulations Cícero!

  • Cícero Moraes

    Exactly Zecc! Thanks to Blendernation (Bart) to share the news. A big hug!

    • Marcello Perez Maciel

      Parabens Cicero.. otimo trabalho cara o/

      • Cícero Moraes

        Thank you Marcello!

  • Cícero Moraes

    Thank you belofilms!

  • josiasbh

    The channel's name is Rede Globo, you can see the logo int that microphone, Bom Dia MT is a local news (MT is a state, Mato Grosso), Bom Dia means Good Morning,

    • Cícero Moraes

      All right. Thank you.

  • Utopia780

    A big congratulation from Portugal Cícero!
    You are now part of history.

    • Cícero Moraes

      Thank you gajo!

      • Utopia780

        No problem cara! ehehe!

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