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Blender 2.5 ~ 2.6 Showreel

A promo video by AcAnimate.

AcAnimate writes:

Behold, the awesome powers of Blender!
I made this showreel mostly to show the incredible powers of blender!

I really like this video, even if it's a little heavy on the fluids. Also, the BGE part really didn't work for me. Still, it has a nice dynamic and I think it does a good job promoting Blender.



  • Rikez

    Wow, thats amazing!

  • Daniel Kreuter

    I prefere the Blender Siggraph reel as a Blender demonstration. It's a nice video though. I liked it! Especially the animated Blender logo at the end was nice.

  • Guest

    Well it's more like a presentation of missing stuff like SPH-Meshing than "the incredible powers of Blender". On the other hand there are the official SIGGRAPH reels (11/12) so I think that these enthusiasts showcase are a little bit pointless now. The video itself is nice.

  • thatonejondude

    SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEET REEL!!!! btw sick bg music too... is that Wolfgang Gartner??????

  • Tab

    Very cool!

  • air

    Cool, that's the kind of presentation Blender needs. Works centered on render quality [...] that's what convinces people [...] but cycles is underused, I don't understand why [...] while octane is getting very strong and faster than ever :

    • Atlantisbase

      Probably because Cycles is new and because it's still lacking some basics like volumes (i.e. SSS) and true motion blur. Only running on CUDA might also be a deteriment, but that of course isn't really the devs fault.

    • tm

      really a demo reel with a car that has no windows, the R8 was also inaccurately modelled and its in a badly lit studio of all places. the fluid particle stuff has no meshing. I think its the kind of presentation you don't need. The is so much better stuff out there made in blender that could have worked. BGE jungle/forest was nice though

      • chromemonkey

        The car also had that "moving backwards" problem in one place, which I think was a matter of how tricky it is to get the right amount of motion blur. When done correctly, blur gives a visual cue as to the direction a repeating background moves, and it requires close attention. From 1:00-1:05 to be specific.

        • Kirill Poltavets

          I'm not sure but this problem (about MB) relates to another render engine. I've seen this video and that guy (the author) wrote he had made it with Octane. It looks really like that video. I'm not 100% sure.

          • Rainer

            I'm the author of the car clip( and you are absolutely correct. The author of this demoreel has left out Octane in the end credits and has actually never asked my permission to use the car clip (but I do respect that he/she included that).

            Just to put it out there, if I were making my own demoreel I definitely wouldn't include that ferrari because it looks quite horrible to be honest. (I would include a Ferrari 458 Italia made a couple of months ago which was on BN aswell).

            "Moving backwards" problem could be explained by lack of MoBlur, but Octane didn't have object motion blur when I did that clip (don't know if it has now) and there are actually windows, but it was a material issue with specular (glass in Octane) materials at that time.

  • Rogério Perdiz

    Liked particularly the note on the game engine :)

  • Renzowolf

    It just shows a fraction of blenders potential in my opinion. They hardly showed any of blenders modeling capabilities and focused more on using primitives with a bunch of modifies/simulators. If I were trying to prove to somebody that blender was indeed a software that could be used for professional use, I would like to see a little more diversity.

    • chromemonkey

      Should the answer be that fans not make these unofficial videos?

      • Rnezowolf

        No, its that fans should show all that blender can do.

      • chromemonkey

        Okay, this downvoting feature has got to go, Bart.

        • Bart Veldhuizen


          • chromemonkey

            Isn't it obvious? ;) There's a couple of people who will downvote everything, even things that are direct opposites.

          • Bart Veldhuizen

            Next thing you'll say is that we have to get rid of the comments because some people always leave negative replies ;-)

          • chromemonkey

            I guess it's just a personal preference, the likes-only system is one I use because there is less opportunity to game the system. The community here is pretty good in this regard, it's mostly on places like Yahoo News comments where people will get into escalating up-votes and down-votes just to cancel the opposing side out, which sometimes really distorts the results. So far it doesn't appear to cause distortion here yet, our userbase is a pretty honest group.

          • chromemonkey

            You gotta love it when people downvote the claim that people downvote things. That's irony!

      • chromemonkey

        Okay, *really*? Five downvotes for asking an honest question? How do you downvote the asking of a question?

  • AcAnimate

    Hey! Thanks for featuring my video! Yeah, I know It's missing alot.. I'm planning to make another one, focusing on the actual features of blender, than just the output renders.
    But still appreciate that you've featured it, and I'm still happy with the video, through it could be better :P

  • Raoul Gaston

    It seems rather odd that AcAnimate would create a showreel of other people's work in what appears to be self-promotion. Or am I missing something?

    • LswaN

      I think that he put together a showreel of other people's work to promote Blender, not himself. I think that the only thing he takes credit for is putting the clips together and putting it online, not for creating each individual clip.

  • Kirill Poltavets

    This video is nice but it doesn't shows many-many Blender's features and features of different cool addons (BSurfaces, Cell Fracture, Motion Trail, Sapling and many others). Just a lot of simulations some not best animations with models and some cool (not coolest!) Blender Diplom's animations. Also too few examples of character animation and almost nothing about upcoming robust features (like Bullet Dynamics and others). BTW - here is no one example of Smoke Sim (it was improved not so long time ago).
    I'm not to blame here, just to say to newbies that Blender can do more, more than water splashes and funny SPH fluid ball videos ;)

  • Kirill Poltavets

    About promoting.... a friend of mine (of us) told that he did something for a new film "Life of PI". It's a filming of a very famous bestseller (at least I read it and the book is awesome!). So... more examples from some cool commercials and from some films! This will make Blender "more serious" in eyes of the whole cg community.

  • Xero

    apart from the Sintel piece there is a disturbing lack of character animation in this reel.

  • David Stringham

    Most of it is pretty nice, but there was a heavy concentration of fluids, and it felt like some areas got ignored.

  • lancelet

    Nice! But: the 1980s called and want their lack-of-motion-blur back. :-)

  • jakchit

    Great video!

  • shirokoff

    Nice. How the liquid ball thing is made? 0:20

  • psike

    very very nice, can someone tell how the light animation / effects at 1:38 are created?

  • John Konrad Grant

    the sports car looks like it is going backwards...

  • ssdgsdfgsdfgsdfg

    This is powerfull and free but unfortunately it is still not fast :(

  • guran

    Quite nice.

    I don't know if I would include the half finished features/clips though. Like the SPH fluids with no mesh, the car with no windows and those physics clips in the end where stuff breaks (is it even possible for the users to test this one?).

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