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Welcome all of the computer graphics amateurs. The twelfth issue of the Blender-Empire Magazine has been released. This magazine deals with modeling using new version of Blender 2.5. We’ll continue our learning marathon and get to know new options of the program.

The Contents

1. Cartoon “wolf period”. How was it done?

2. 3D-clouds modeling.

3. Creating of a golden chain.

4. The Earth crust breaking animation

5. Creating of a broken egg.

6. Characters. Rigging: chinchilla and the squirrel from the Big Buck Bunny

7. Art Gallery

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Download pdf-version of the Magazine on

Video-course “Blender, First steps in Modeling” has come along with the Blender-Empire Magazine. In this course you will find modeling instruments in Blender 2.5. The course consists of 5,5 hours of lessons divided in parts. You are welcome to get more information here (

Best regards, Vladimir Vychegzhanin.