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The 300 blackout drum magazine is excellent for all 3 cartridge sizes and is perfect for variety job as well as self-defense. This skeletonized, billet aluminum drum publication is created with the most recent 5-Axis machining technology. Its skeletonized layout enables the ammo to be noticeable. It likewise makes the gun streamlined and also well balanced, enabling it to discharge efficiently despite how many rounds are loaded in it. It also includes a drum-like cylinder that fits the common AR-15.

The 300 Blackout drum publication was created to give reputable feeding. The standard AR-15 style magazine can not accommodate the cartridge, and for that reason shooters have needed to endanger on integrity. Because the projectiles can be of different weights, the rifle can shed accuracy and general integrity. The PMAG 30 AR 300 B is the first devoted publication for the cartridge. While other magazines were made for various other cartridges, the PMAG 30 AR 300 B has a better feed technique and raised reliability.
The rifle features the same polymer building and construction as 5.56 L5AWM mags and steel feed lips. Its interior geometry was improved to fit the much heavier 300 BLK subsonic ammo. The result is enhanced integrity and also full capacity in a provided mag. It is compatible with all rifles in the AR-15 and M16 household. If you intend to buy a 300 BLK drum publication for your tool, you can find the appropriate one on Amazon.

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