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Manuel Albert

My name is Manuel Albert and I am a professional 3D-Designer for Illustration, Animation and Film located in Brunswick, Germany. See my showreel and Blender Network page. After studying communication design at the Universty of Arts in Brunswick and a few years of work experience afterwards, I started my business in February 2015 and had the opportunity to realize exciting visualization- and animatioprojects for clients such as Siemens, Volkswagen, GOM, Attingimus, Simtec and others. I have been using blender, as a 3D-generalist, for about 10 years (started with 2.42a) and passionately enjoy what I do and being part of the blender community. Lighting, shading and composing scenes is my main interest, but I also feel very comfortable modelling and animating. I am always interested to work on exciting projects, collaborate with others and dive into new opportunities.