Maciej Szymas

I’m an independent self-taught 3D & 2D artist and designer with a huge passion for my job, especially for gamedev. In the childhood I used to draw and sketch a lot, later on painted, mainly untypical landscapes and also had experience with graffiti. I was absorbed in experimenting on Atari 65 XL/XE (Coala) & Amiga (Deluxe Painter IV, Fantavision & 3D Contsruction Kit). From then on I have a fondness for retro graphics and also project and animate in pixelart style. My professional life started from over 10 years long stage of commercial projecting in web design and continuing education. Today I successfully fulfil myself in 3D projects: create game assets in Blender, make textures in Substance Painter and compose small universes in Unity3D, also as illustrations for applied art. As a hard working person by nature I can’t stop myself from developing my skills continuously. While doing my job I get used to thinking that there is no challenge I can’t set myself against. Now it’s time for creating characters and working on Unreal Game Engine! Check my output at…

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