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Diego Peñalver Denis Architect, 1984 graduate from Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York. In 1995 establishes his independant professional practice in Caracas. Since that time, he has been involved in a variety of projects in the fields of architectural planning and design, interiorism , 3d modeling, illustration and animation, and threedimensional art. His early years as a student at Pratt and as a young professional, surrounded by the intense cultural life of Manhattan, have molded his lifetime interests and personal inclination for the world of design, the fine arts, music and urban culture. In the last few years he has increasingly venture in the creation of visual art, and has started to formalized his activities in the field since 2010. The recently executed multi-murals proposal for the 7th floor of the Banco Exterior headquarters in Caracas, and his ‘ Tríptico ‘ (three vertical piece) entry for the FIA-2013 art festival in the same city, are samples of his recent work, in which he exploits the use of new technologies. The work of this artist is intended to be a contribution to contemporary art, by using conventional and non conventional digital and technological tools in new, critical and creative ways.