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My goal is to declare Blender as good as even possible and make Tutorials, that you don't just follow along but after which you know what the settings do and you can change them to your own benefit. (sadly, I can't upload such tutorials yet, but I am working on them) I also produce quick tip videos for you, so that you can pick up very important knowledge you need to know quickly.


    • Blender Defender on

      Are you really accusing me of reselling? I've put my own effort into this node group, setting default values, arranging the nodes, creating the shader. Yes, they both look very similar, that's probably because I've looked up how to create the pattern when I got stuck at some point. And even if I just followed your tutorial and sold the result, it would still not be reprehensible. I never copy anyone 100%, not even 80%, I always put my own thoughts into what I create, even if I "just followed" a tutorial. And last but not least: People, who want to have a free carbon fiber shader, can just follow your tutorial. People, who want a carbon fiber shader, but don't want to make it themselves, can use my offer. In the end, your accusation is just bashing of smaller channels. Is this really the kind of name you want to make for yourself? ...

      • Following my tutorial and posting results is one thing, but passing it off as original work in a commercial product is not respectable. Then doubling down on this behavior and pretending *you're* the victim here as a smaller channel just makes it look even worse. You can sell it all you want, I don't/can't restrict tutorial results, but not being humble about this situation is only going to hurt you.

        • Blender Defender on

          Before I explain my point of view, I first have to apologize for taking your first message too serious, as a small channel, I'm a bit in defense mode because my community is not as big as yours and you could easily destroy me if you wanted... (And even my name says defense xD). I'm sorry for taking that more seriously than you meant. Secondly, I've tried to create this shader for myself, but I see, the result is closer to your tutorial than I wanted it to be. Rewatching that video, you did a good job with the tutorial, and without it, I would have been stuck forever.

          "passing it off as original work in a commercial product is not respectable" --> I see your point there, so I'll add a link to your tutorial to my product page.

          "not being humble about this situation is only going to hurt you" --> Alright, here it is for everyone to read: The Carbon Fiber Shader is not 100% my creation, instead, I've followed parts of the CG Masters tutorial.

          • Thanks very much for that. And yeah it was a very tricky shader to figure out, and because of that I was defensive about my work as well. Good luck with your products and your channel =)

          • Blender Defender on

            Well, thank YOU for turning the discussion into a much friendlier direction :) It's not self-evident, that online discussions do end that way. I've decided to continue less risky and put my focus into my free stuff (Super Project Manager, Super Easy Analytics, ...) Thank you for the kind words at the end, I wish you all the best for your channel too. =)

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