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Chiro UE4 Mannequin


Serge writes:


Chiro UE4 Mannequin” is a new Open Source add-on for Blender, making skinning (aka rigging) with Mannequin armature simple and easy as a breeze.

A developer met an artist, and together we made the new addon. This is Open Source and free software, as in freedom! We’re happy to announce the first release and share it with you! The license is GPL3, so you’re free to share it too, by the way :)

So, what does it do?

Skin humanoid meshes in Blender with Mannequin skeleton and export it correctly into FBX. Resulting Skeletal Meshes are compatible with Mannequin in Unreal Engine 4 either via retargeting with humanoid rig, or reusing Mannequin skeleton straightforwardly. Yes, that’s right, if your Character has the same proportions with Mannequin, it’s possible to reuse the Mannequin skeleton with no retargeting altogether!

Mixamo converter as a bonus.

The add-on has tools to convert Mixamo skeletons to Mannequin in just about 10 clicks.

Here are some examples of the add-on in action:

- Skinning a bespoke character
- Mixamo skeleton conversion

If you’re interested, have a look at the documentation we’ve made.


Get Chiro UE4 Mannequin on GitHub



  1. Hi there,

    On Skinning a bespoke character .. on step 16, appears always not working.
    I tried 3 times .. in a a-pose .. manually position it to T-pose. The proceed with step 16 ..
    It body mesh always goes back to a-pose. Is this a bug?
    I tried on both 2.83 and even 2.9 versions of blender. Same problem ..
    Any advise please?

    16. Apply the pose to mesh
    Before we move on, we need to put the mesh into the new T pose at rest. To do so, we will use Apply Pose to Mesh & as Rest feature. Without it, the mesh will keep its original form and not the T-Pose we've just made for it.

    Pose -> Apply -> Apply Pose to Mesh & as Rest (Chiro)

    • Hi!

      Sorry to hear it's not working for you.

      Does it show any error messages when you press it?
      The button "Apply Pose to Mesh & as Rest (Chiro)" is just a shortcut for applying the Armature modifier to the mesh and duplicating the armature to preserve it for later use. I guess it might be not working if you had some other modifiers, and if this is the case, I would call it a bug. You might try to do that manually (apply the armature modifier) and see if that works.

      If the button "Apply Pose to Mesh & as Rest (Chiro)" does not work because of the other modifiers, then I would call it a bug. However, It is hard for me to guess what is wrong there and might be helpful to have some more details or maybe even screenshots to see what is wrong with it. Would appreciate if you could create an new Issue on GitHub and we might discuss that in more details there -

      Good luck, either way!


  2. Hi there,
    Indeed I have another modifier (arm too :() .. I remove it.
    Try to use this "Apply Pose to Mesh & as Rest (Chiro)" still does not work.

    Then I tried manual armature apply.
    IT WORKS !!
    The mesh stay in its new pose (in this case T-pose) so that I can put another T-pose armature form BVH and Maximo motion armature to it and it works ! .. both in 2.83 and 2.90 Blender versions.


    • Glad to hear you got it working :)

      Regarding "Apply Pose to Mesh & as Rest" - I didn't test it too much with extra modifiers and looks like I missed a bug in there :)
      Will try to have a look at it for the next release :)


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