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And 27 more addons for Blender 2.81


Peetie writes:

Here 27 other addons which I checked in Blender 2.81.

Video is 25 minutes, and you see on the top of the video what addon is discussed, and you see the previous and next addons as well. Since the addons are alphabetically listed, is quite easy to navigate in the video.

I made this video to stimulate the Blender Addons climate. For example developers get more attention, users get an idea what is available, etc. Development of addons by community could indirect stimulate blender Development.

About Author

Robert Wesseling

I am Robert, founder of New Media Supply and very active member on under the username Peetie. Working with blender for 5 year and made some nice products. I am a generalist, but a bit more focussed on Shaders, rendering, compositing and lighting. And I started to write addons. The EV Express is the first addon.


  1. Rombout Versluijs on

    Super weird intro trext. Title says 27 addons, and the small pictures show us which ones are talked about. Sorry those are the size of a stamp and second it doesnt match up with the title saying 27. It shows 22 thumbnail, better just drop a list with names. But i guess we just have to watch. PS why is it called "... for blender 2.81"??? I mean 2.81 is in Beta, but there is also 2.82 alpha. I must sound vague....

    • Oh, I didn't expect that someone would count the tiles. For me it was just a decoration, a little bit more than just text. (To make it even more vague for you: check the fourth tile, it says: Code Editor Addons. How many addons do you count then?)

      Ah, it's just a video that shows some addons that work with Blender 2.81, and I think all of them are working in Blender 2.8 but didn't test that. As far as I know 2.81 will be released this month:

      Just watch the video if you want, instead of counting tiles.

      • Hmm. Kind of awkward, but also a massive dick move this comment. But most of all a solid reason not to watch any of your videos.

          • Rombout Versluijs on

            Hahah thats why i said i sound quite vague.... It wasnt meant as criticism. I understand the thing about the thumbnails, just text would look a bit more borin guess

  2. Here a list.

    AnimAll Addon
    Bendy Bone Handles Addon
    BlendluxCore Addon
    Code Editor Addon
    Commontion Addon
    CubeSurfer Addon
    EasyFX Addon
    Export Paper Model Addon
    EZ lattice Addon
    Flexi Bezier Tool
    Make Human
    Molecular Script Addon
    Node Expressions Addon
    Optiloops Addon
    Piperator Addon
    PolyQuilt Addon
    Real Time Animation Addon
    Retopo MT Addon
    SoftMod Addon
    Softwrap Addon
    Sorcar Addon
    Techdraw Addon
    Texture Paint Layers Addon
    Texture Synthesis Addon
    Welder Addon
    Wiggle Bones Addon
    Wonder Mesh Addon

  3. I can't get any of those so called free add ons on my blender 2.81 I only have a few and there all checked in th preferences

    • First thing that pops up my mind is that you have filter on in the workspace. Here, try these steps, maybe its that:

      - Go to the properties panel (by default on the left)
      - Click on the top-most tab, called: Active Tool and Workspace settings
      - Look in the section: Workspace
      - Uncheck the checkbox called: Filter addons.

      Does that solve the problem?
      If not, try these steps instead:

      - Go to Edit > Preferences > Addons
      - At the right-bottom you see a hamburger menu (three stripes).
      - Click on the hamburger menu and be sure to uncheck; Auto save preferences.
      - Save the preferences and close the Preferences.
      - Then go to File > Defaults > Load Factory settings.
      - Now blender looks quite empty.
      - Go to Edit > Preferences > Addons again, and enable (or install if it's not there) the addon you want to try out.
      - Check if you see the addon now.

      Let me know if that worked out for you.



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