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Add-on: Modeling Cloth for Blender 2.8


stevewarner writes:

Modeling Cloth is an addon by Rich Colburn that gives you Marvelous Designer style cloth simulation right inside Blender. What differentiates this from the built in cloth simulator in Blender is its ability to interact with the cloth in realtime, making it easy to push and pull fabric to get the right look. Cloth can be pinned and the tool supports wind, gravity and other physics simulations. The "inflate" tool makes balloons, pillows and other such objects a breeze to create. The tool is free to download and use. Donations are accepted for those who want to help ensure future development.

About the Author

I'm an award winning Creative Director with over 30 years experience. I've worked in AAA videogame development, film/television production, print graphic design & illustration, military simulation, architectural visualization, and theme park ride visualization. I've co-authored several best-selling books on 3D graphics and was the executive director at the Digital Animation & Visual Effects School at Universal Studios Orlando.


  1. Rombout Versluijs on

    Wow looks cool. Ps how are you able to run it all the time? Is that done like how an operator runs, because normally UI is none responsive then?

    I guess this would be even more responsive and faster if you were using c++ but this still looked quite fast

    • You can turn the simulation on and off at will. When it's on, you can interact with the cloth object by grabbing it, pinning it, or subjecting it to the addon's own physics simulations (wind, gravity, etc.). The higher the poly count, the slower the simulation runs, but for most fabric meshes, you can get good results at relatively low poly counts. This is where your low to mid-frequency details come into play. in my experience, that's really where you want your cloth / clothing simulation to take place. Then you add high frequency details (fabric texture and smaller wrinkles) by sculpting them in and/or adding them as a normal map.

      • Rombout Versluijs on

        Thanks, I'll definitely check this one. I watched some vids again last night and know why it's so dust. Numpy baby ;)

        Hope I understand your tuts about that. I want to update aan export er for external render engine and perhaps this can speed it up :)

  2. David Weddle on

    does it generate quads or triangles? The file sizes is what I am getting at. I want to use it to make clothing, models for UNITY made to fit MakeHuman figures. Nice job.. I admire you.

  3. David Weddle on

    The clothing aspect. I want to make clothes. How to make the clothing move with the bone? Stay on the character? I'm very novice with Blender. My only interest with Blender is making clothes for characters.

  4. If you want to add bones, and from your comment I presume you're using the clothes elsewhere, then elsewhere is likely the best place to make the bones.

    Marvelous Designer is the best for clothes; it's price is a little high for a hobbiest, but even so (I'm a regular Blender user), I'm considering purchasing a licence for it.

    Blender's cloth sim has been improved in 2.83, and this does a great job; I've been trying it out, but neither is quite there yet.

    I've also modelled clothes in Blender. Clothes aren't an easy first project for novice users. I'd look for some tutorials on Blender.

    Where are you going to transfer the clothes too?
    What do you want to do with the clothes you create?

  5. David Weddle on

    Hi. I want to make characters to be used in UNITY. To make them for myself, and to sell on the asset store. Last night I downloaded Manuel Bastioni addon. It's the only reason I use BLender. That is not to say, the Blender isn't a great program. It's a TIME thing. I don't mind buying characters either, paying for them. I wouldn't mind selling them, either. Sometimes, I don't think I have as powerful a brain as some people. I guess, I am on the learning curve. If your asset can help, I will use it. BUT- I buy many UNITY assets, and just sit there on the shelf.

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