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Colored Wireframes in Workbench!


Pablo Vazquez writes:

Our hero Clément did it again! Colored wireframes are finally in Blender 2.8.

About the Author

Pablo Vazquez

Penguin at Blender Institute/Animation Studio in Amsterdam. Creator of the Caminandes series and part of the Blender UI team.


  1. Clement has opened a new era of psychodelic art renders to the world...thousands of coloured lines moving in front of our unprepared minds...welcome to the tripping wonderland. Now jokes apart...that looks promising. Great work

  2. Hooray! after all these years... now as long as Ton doesn't become 'difficult' about it... (we take his recent award away if he does :) )

    • > I am finding the viewport colour I would like for wireframes (near black) is different than that I would have for shaded/solid (mid grey). Perhaps it is possible to have a 'darken background for wireframes' slider next to the custom background colour picker so that it can be an automatic change with the 3d view types? Good work so far though!

    • Too right! One bit of Blender that has been spoiled in 2.8. It still takes my full concentration to switch tabs in the Properties editor... and still choose the wrong tab. In 2.78 I never even realised I was switching tabs - my visual memory just hit the correct icon immediately.

  3. It seems like the structure of Blender in many parts of it has already quite interesting algorithms and ideas behind it. It is only implementing those peculiar structures to the other parts of Blender that creates innovation currently.

    For instance, we could already get randomly colored materials on each object. It is only a matter of desire to invest some relatively short time for the developer to add this feature to the other parts of Blender, such as wireframe rendering.

    Interesting enough, we are yet to see many of such examples in the future, where an already existing Blender feature finds its place in another place of the software, making it behave like a software with great integrity, where one tool is universal across the software and works as expected on every mode of it.

    So could we call this a the next paradigm in software human-computer interaction? We used to have modes in computers, in which you had to switch from mode to mode to use another feature of the software. We then came up with no-modes paradigm, where we had physical inspired user interface pieces such as buttons, menus, windows and panels.

    Yet in Blender, as it is a solution for an intensively complex problem, computer aided modelling, we saw the return of the mode-based HC interaction together with the modern aproaches like buttons, panels and windows.

    It seems to me, that Blender is evolving towards a third new promising direction: modes, but not really.

    We still switch from modes to modes or views to views, yet some extremely essential tools appears to be behaving exactly the same way as they do in any other modes or views across Blender. An example to that would be that we can now change the colors of of every object in wireframe mode so can we in normal solid view mode.

  4. This is so useful. Thanks for all the hard work.

    What I personally would not aporeciate would be having to use color coded icon tabs. Its like shifting gears in a car, you just get to know the sequence or you crash. You don't look away from the road at the gear box. Maybe otional if we have to. I don't want Skittles UI. But colored Wireframes are whats up!

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