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Retiring BLAM and announcing fSpy


The popular Geometry camera matching add-on 'BLAM' is being replaced with a stand-alone app and a Blender add-on.

Per writes:

A long time ago I released BLAM, a camera matching add-on for Blender that has become quite popular over the years. Lately, I've been working on a stand alone, cross platform, camera matching app called fSpy, which has the same core functionality as BLAM but with a (much) nicer UI and today I'm announcing the first official release! BLAM will still be available on GitHub, but the project is now officially retired.

For downloads and more info, visit To import your fSpy camera parameters to Blender, check out the official fSpy import add-on.

About the Author

Per Gantelius

An artist trapped in an engineer’s body. And vice versa. Visit my site or find me on Twitter or Instagram.


  1. A pity, because everything I do not need a are more separate tools and imports.
    I real hope somebody will write a blender internal solution

    • Moderate Blender user here. Aren't all add-on's third party though? I guess I'm not understanding.

      Sounds like this is both a stand alone and Blender add-on...?

    • I applaud the author for the stupendous gift, and I agree that this method, if the best for the author, is the best method. He doesn't have to rely on features within Blender to remain the same, anymore, if he wants his coding to remain functional between Blender updates.

    • Please, let's think before replying from our heart. We all love Blender, I work with blender and is almost the only soft I use, but let's avoid the Fanboyism.
      Using the last addon from the movie editor with the grease pencil, was not the best solution. I personally applaud this decision and will download it right away.

  2. nice.
    it's been a good while since i've needed to use BLAM but it was very useful.

    i didn't have to use it that much though so in the gaps between uses i'd forget how and always end up having to look up how to use again. i mean i think i always ended up wanting to go to the uv/image editor rather than the movie clip editor. (if i'm even remembering that right.)

    this seems much more intuitive.
    thanks for your work!

  3. Oh Noes! I loved BLAM and used it to create a bunch of bad 3D art. OK, calm down, deep breath...

    Serious for a moment, I am delighted to see this useful tool is undergoing further development. On behalf of non-whiny Blender users, we greatly appreciate your contribution, Per and look forward to playing with it. Thanks!

  4. I've used fSpy on a project already, and it's a substantial improvement over BLAM. Excellent work! Interesting to see a desktop app written in TypeScript, also.

  5. I rely heavily on BLAM for my work. It's a phenomenal contribution to the Blender community. I'm looking forward to trying the new solution, but also a bit nervous hoping it works well

  6. Great, but: in architecture it's often more suitable to match the camera to an given geometry and in same procedure to a photo. Do you know 3dmax camera match? Match point of photos to geometry and camera solution is there, I am watching and using your tool since first approach - and always wish that you put such functionality on it.

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  8. monkeybrainz on

    I'm a few months late here, but i just gave fSpy a try and it's amazingly easy to use. 10 minutes from download, reading the quick start and importing into blender with a perfectly aligned camera. 5 stars!

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