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Blender Sighting - AMD Ryzen Threadripper Booth at Computex 2018


Check out how Blender renders on the new 32 core, 64 thread Ryzen Threadripper :)

Josh Faulkner writes:

Linus over at the Linus Tech Tips YouTube channel was able to convince AMD to connect their new 32-core (64 threads) Ryzen Threadripper CPU to a monitor for a performance demo at Computex 2018. They use a Blender scene to show off 64 threads of AMD CPU rendering goodness. Check out the video below:


  1. Linus Tech Tips does his benchmarks always with Blender as part of their toolset, and AMD is showing off their cpus with Blender since the first Ryzen :)

  2. I dont' think Lunus had an choice. He clearly stated that AMD tweaked the benchmark to be more harder then the one they used on the 24 core Threadripper to ensure it would not be able to get a direct comparison.

    But yup, it is nice to see Blender being used so much by AMD to show of their CPU's. Now if they also put even more funding into OpenCL to get the GPU's even better performance. Then they could use that even more. but I guess since they have ProRender they wont' be too forthcomming to support beyond what they already do?

    Still nice to see the CPU running, and Air cooled, unlike what Intel showed off.

  3. I don't really get the point of this demonstration. Using one of these massively multi-core processors must be an extremely expensive way to do rendering, considering this CPU costs around double the price of an nVidia GTX1080?

  4. Well the 16 core Threadripper costs about same price as GTX 1080TI. and rendering wise about similar performance -

    Power wise, Threadripper is 180W, GTX 1080TI 250W. The new TR2 with 32 cores are 250W, at expected significantly faster rendering speed. Issue of course is.. Price..

    SO having both would give you a very good boost seeing how CPU+GPU rendering is now being supported in latest blender builds.

  5. ¨SO having both would give you a very good boost seeing how CPU+GPU rendering is now being supported in latest blender builds.¨ very good coment

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