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Blender for Blogs - Video Editing Series


Justin writes:

Hey all! I just started a new FREE video series on how to use Blender as a video editor! Currently there are 6 videos up. You can check them out at or on YouTube at my Blender Frenzy channel. I'll be continuing to add more throughout the upcoming weeks as I walk you step-by-step how to edit this promo video. Come join the video editing goodness!


  1. Justin, I've enjoyed the videos (so far!) It was interesting to see your workflow and how you tackle some of the issues using the VSE. Looking forward to seeing the later ones.

    • Thanks Paul! Do you do any editing with Blender? I'm always curious as to what other people's workflow is. Mine is pretty much just self taught and what I found works best for my tastes and circumstances.

      • My workflow can be pretty haphazard. It depends a lot on the source material and the client. I do stuff with computer animation backgrounds and overlays and audio soundtracks and sound effects. No green screen and not much live footage. Self-taught, like you. It's the little things that can make the difference. The tactic grabbing all four handlebars and moving them together is neat. The cut, hide and slide sequence which then sets you up for the next saved scene worked well and will be something I will try next time I do that kind of edit. Your workflow, so far, is geared up to a long and (relatively) shallow media stack. Mine can get very deep with overlays on top of overlays and loops back via the compositor for things you can't do directly in the VSE. I'm still learning and looking forward to your later ones which might be more relevant to my workflow.

        • Great, I'm glad I could offer something new for you to try out. By no means am I an expert at any of this. Again, just found what worked for me and the videos I was making for my other blog.

          And yes, you are absolutely right. This particular series is specifically for people who want to make a quick video for their blog with just a couple overlays for text and pictures. Although, some of what you are looking for will be covered in Phase 3 where I will get into the core of editing (overlays, transitions, etc.)

          I've worked with Blender making more detailed video projects and there can be an enormous amount of strips that stack up on top of each other. Maybe in the future I'll do a video series that focuses more on bigger projects.

          I was looking at some of your stuff and it looks pretty cool. Looks like you have a pretty good grasp on motion graphics. Do you have any tutorials?

          • There are quite a few little nuggets in your tutorials that I knew but didn't have incorporated into my procedures. It's all about making a conscious effort to use them and make them part of the "norm" for what you do. Maybe I'll comment again once I've seen the rest of your tutorials, as I think the latter ones will be more relevant to my workflow.

            Thanks for the compliment. Sorry, I've no tutorials. I get lots of requests, though. It's all about having the time and confidence to do it well. Clearly your forté.

  2. This definitely sounds interesting! I've not explored any of these options yet and am looking forward to the education. I'll be tuning in to these soon. Thanks for sharing!

    • Good to hear! Let me know how it goes. I'm definitely open to any suggestions to make the videos or the process better. Happy Editing!

  3. Muhammad Farooqi on

    wow.. this would be awesome.. I one of my fellows started using blender. when they were expert in "cracking" adobe products.. and so me ;)

    Now with use of 3 years, blender is the only thing I "waste" my "useless" time in an "expensive" way. (I kill my free time), it's really a beautiful blend of everything.
    Because "ME 2" is a self taught person, I love to keep doing stuff to amuse myself only in blender. So far I've done in 3D, camera tracking ... and had been trying to work like AE in Blender. And i wish this would be a great way to there....

    • That's Great! Yes, I love working in Blender too. And yes, I also love using Blender as an AE alternative. I love Video Editing and Camera Tracking. I'll be doing some Camera Tracking Tutorials after the Video Editing Series. That's where my passion really is! What kinds of things do you normally do with camera tracking?

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