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  1. That looks really great. The TAB system at the top reminds me of the more up to date versions of MODO. But, wow, was I blown away by the ArchiVis tools I saw just a the end. What an amazing setup for wall building. Great work.

    • In Blender: File > Application Templates > Install Template from file.
      Be carefull using "Save as startup file" in the Blender-Pro template since this might effect your default template as well.
      To be sure make backups.

  2. Its great work,for beginners will find it friendly. I wud love it few years ago. But frankly speaking today i (my personal view) find it giving away basic design goal behind blender interface, thats flexibility. U may, unknowingly, end up creating a rigid interface. The beauty of blender interface is that it takes a completely new road taking u to same destination,in process giving u flexibility. BTW i had same feelings coz i had some experience with modo and ur interface draws lot of inspiration from it. But i now appreciate blender because it lets artist create their own personalised workflow.

  3. All these wonderful UI customizations.... but is there any way to make Blender's default circle primitive always start with 36 verts, instead of that annoying (and illogical) 32 verts?

  4. I am becoming allergic to the usage of PRO for Blender related stuff..everything is PRO and it's overused.
    PRO should be used to differentiate versions, not to make it sound better.

  5. Marco Bresciani on

    Blender is a fantastic program with a not so fantastic interface.
    Mark Twain once said, "Everybody complains about the weather, but nobody does anything about it".
    You did something about it. Thanks for making Blender bright and clear.

  6. Really awesome! This capability to "paint" objetcs in real time is amazing! Vue does this, but it costs $ 600,00 (a very basic version).
    This UI seams to be very nice and friendly. Blender needs a better UI in order to reach another status inside hollywood, great advertising studios etc.
    Blender is so powerful, it diserves a good UI.

  7. This interface is far better than the Blender 2.8 Code Quest team is developing. more mature and fluent in design.

    • Yes, I have to say this is true. With all respect to the selfless developers, which are still attached to the old UI, with the intention to "perfection" it. It's time to let the old UI go away to a better world, as well the blender internal render.

  8. Looks great, but there are still some issues:
    Cell Fracture Addon doesn't work. (See attached Screenshot.)
    Can't save to Library on Linux Mint. (See Screenshot.) (Also mentioned on BlenderArtists by Ector3.)
    It changes the default Template.
    If I switch from default to BlenderPro, the info bar is gone. ( Screenshot.)

    For me it's not working yet, but I will definitely try again later! Very promising!
    Thanks a lot.

  9. In my opinion, new blender users will benefit a lot more from the new Blender 2.8 UI than this interface. I would even dare to say they should not use this interface at all. But for advanced users, there are some nice additions and it's a very well-organized interface to get things in motion quickly. A really nice work indeed !

    • Brian Lockett on

      For sure, about advanced users.

      About new users: We were all new Blender users once, on far-worse UIs than the ones we're seeing today.

      My point? New users can learn, just like we did, right?

      Either way, it'll take some adjustment for users new to Blender--especially folks coming from other software.

      It's better for new users to learn the benefits of the UI, than to have one tailored to new users.

      • Brian Lockett on

        Though, I guess, there's nothing wrong with both UI options co-existing. Taking a page out of Pixologic's playbook. ;)

  10. Selamat Pagi on

    I'm in love already with this interface. Everything is so make sense to me. I hope it is the Blender interface when i used Blender for the first time. So easy, organized and clean. Though some addons can't work and some features missing (like autosmooth), i know it only will be just temporary. I'm excited to see more progress on this. :)
    You are doing very great job, mate!

    Let's hope at least the new and shiny 2.8 at least create an default option for us to select this beauty template.

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