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Castle Wildenstein - BGE Game


ueka writes:

Hey blenderheads out there!

In my (rare) spare time i was working on a reconstruction of the castle Wildenstein, in a region in Austria called "Salzkammergut". My reconstruction attempt was based on historical corect drawings and plans.

See here for an animation :

I am now working on a free BGE medieval serious game about Castle Wildenstein but get stucked whether to proceed or abandon this project. See here for an in-game preview (low quality screen recordings):

So my broadcast is what is your opinion,would you enjoy playing such a game?
yours ueka


  1. This is one of the best looking BGE projects i have seen!
    It's such a shame BGE is being removed. It has so much potential and would be very nice when just updated to OpenGL 3 etc.

    • Thank you RAMUKKA,
      i fully agree that BGE is a powerful tool that should stay alive (maybe with a little overhaul) !
      This was one amongst other reasons, why i started this BGE project.

  2. I think the best for BGE is to commence a new life, as a stand alone project under a new brand. The same I think about VSE - the best open video editor for now but with a potential to be much more than just a feature in a 3d software.

    • I use VSE as my main Video editor and think that 3D support just makes it better. It wouldn't feel as powerful without other blender features.

        • indeed, but the the problem imho is that this basic stuff is to basic, and sometimes even lagy. i think that being just part of blender realy disadvantages it's development.

          • if it weren't part of blender it probably wouldn't have any development and certainly wouldn't even exist to start with.

            people interested in working on a video editor are probably more drawn to kdenlive and openshot than blenderVSE with or without blender.

            being a part of blender is the whole reason it ever got developed and also likely the only reason it ever grew to what it is. sure, it's fallen behind on development but that doesn't mean it could have gotten to where it's at or would be anything other than basic without blender attached.

  3. hard to say if i'd enjoy it or not... from the video it just seems like a free range castle tour simulator... which is neat but i'm not sure i'd call it a game. it does look fairly nice graphics wise though.

    a big part of what made BGE great was it's integration with blender. since BGE isn't coming back and it's been 4 months since there's been anything on UPBGE's github. i have to wonder if you wouldn't be better off moving it over to a different game engine that has some pretty good integration with blender such as armory. ( )

    it could help demonstrate a possible good alternative to BGE that's actively being worked on and if you think it's worthwhile it could help spread the word about that project as well.

    • Hey Daedaljs,

      yes at the moment there is only a very basic logic "implemented" - more or less a walkthrough;
      I am not convinced netiher form upbge nor from armory3d - not to blame the hard working people, but for a stable and long term support !
      So i will probably switch to UE4 (:(;


      • UE4 is probably a better choice overall for a lot of reasons.

        i didn't bring it up because most people who use BGE for things seem to have some aversion to going to UE4 , Unity and generally other game engines because they like that BGE is so integrated into blender. BGE is a powerful tool for what it can do but it just can't do as much as other options.
        armory is the same way, at least for now, but it does have some tight integration with blender even if it isn't a part of blender. so in my mind at least that makes it a possible alternative for people who like using the BGE.

        • I decided to keep the pipeline small and stable, that means for me UE4;
          maybe in a later version 2.9 ? 3.0 we will see a comeback of a new and "shiny" BGE who knows;

  4. Hey! This looks great! Do I detect parallax mapping on those stone walls?!
    I am making a full game in the BGE titled "The Shadows Lengthen! The face that BGE is no longer part of Blender changes nothing about my plans. My game will be made in the BGE!!

    Check me out y'all on twitter here:

    And I'm up on Patreon here!

    BGE forever!

    • Thanks Thomas and good look for your project!

      The "parallax effect results due to a slightly higher "focal length";
      And yes BGE forever but i´m probably switching over to UE4 very sad but a necessity!


      • Thanks for the well wishes! and same to you on your game project! Did you know that eventually, GE support will be included in further builds off blender? So. . . if you stay the course things may work out for you.

          • Fingers crosseded are you on twitter?
            Also whether there is futute support or not I will release my game in the BGE. Remember it's also how you use the tool. Stop motion films exist today-- even though there is tons of fancy 3D films. It'd inoortant that we are creative! Not just using the latest/greatest tools.

    • No i´m not on twitter;

      But i do feel in a similar way about "killing" a valuable and easy tool (BGE)! I am a blenderuser since V 2.3 and i have witnessed more than one discussion about abandoning the BGE and it returned every time; And of course i do agree with your point of view about "creativity vs slick software tools" ;
      One of the most annoying questions i often receive is "what software did you use"!!!!

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