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Create a Forest in Blender with the Realistic Nature Pack


Steve Lund shows how to use his Realistic Nature Pack on the Blender Market to quickly create a Blender scene.

Learn just how easy it is to create a realistic forest environment in this Blender Tutorial! This covers the entire process of modeling, adding assets, realistic materials, and environment lighting, then finishing with compositing and color grading!

About Author

Steve Lund

A geek to everything CG! A 3D instructor, and founder of CG Geek.


  1. "This tutorial will cover the modelling, BUT we will be using *drumroll* the realistic nature pack" That he made.
    Only modelling done here is the floor and even that was made with 0 care. Terms like: Nothing fancy, using smooth to take some away of what i did.
    This all to just promote his nature pack.

    • Hey there, this was not meant as a product demo, as I've also created tutorials on how to create the exact trees and grass used in this tutorial and linked to them in the video description. I feel like it would be repetitive to cover creating these same assets in every tutorial. So instead I linked to the tutorials I have already created where you can learn to create these same assets yourself, or use the pre-made assets if you prefer. Its totally optional and not required to follow the tutorial.

      Best -Steve

      • And what's wrong with making a little cash for his effort? I have no problem with that. It takes a lot time, equipment, and skill to make these tutorials.

    • Cancer of blender community are viscous people, who believe everyone who uses Blender should give away everything they create for free. That attitude is for amateurs. Blender has been production ready for a long time and commercial assets make it even more powerful

      If I have a client that needs a forest, I will definitely use a pack like this, instead of modeling every tree from a default cube and going out taking photos of plants and creating textures myself.

    • Send me a link with all the free assets and tutorials you made for the Blender community??
      People who work hard deserve some love (money) because in the end is really hard to pay the rent and buy milk with "gratitude", real life is tough, I know.

    • Strongly disagree in this, because he mention that you can be his pack, he also give links to tutorials creating this assets your self.

      • I agree entirely with Erik. Steve's tutorial is excellent - I don't view it as product advertisement at all - I didn't get the assets for $10 - but it is an excellent value and well worth the money (should be more - if you compare to current pricing, for example, on the unity asset store. I think the genius to Steve's videos are that he often covers points that are missed by others..

  2. Let's be fair. This is not as black and white as some claim here. Steve Lund always mentions the option to follow his tutorials to learn how to make the assets yourself. Of course, you will not be able to do it in one hour, as mentioned first, but at least he offers the opportunity to learn it - if you want so. He is not a pure businessman as some may suggest here. He has made a lot of interesting tutorials and - hey - 10 bucks really is NOT a lot of money, isn't it ?

  3. I find all of Steve's tutorials very helpful. For anyone to take a swing at him for mentioning that parts of what he is using can be purchased (incredibly cheap) is ridiculous. As a newbie, I found this comprehensive overview of how a realistic forest scene is put together very helpful.
    Keep up the great work Steve!

  4. Steve, I guess this means you've hit the big time and are now the next Andrew Price. Unbelievable that you people attack these guys.

  5. While I love getting things for free and even depend on it, I also want good creators to work with Blender. If I don't like the product or can't afford it, I just won't buy it. In this case we are told at the beginning of the video what is used and how much it costs. And seriously, asking for $10 isn't exactly being greedy :)

    I have spent very little money on my Blender assets and even feel a little guilty about that, knowing how many that put in long hours and good work to improve it and to make it easier for me to work with.

  6. You could use your own or Blend Swap assets if you really have an aversion to spending money in support of the Blender Community's artists, and still get a substantive education from this video. Compositing, volumetrics, and "Deep Materials" are all topics us relative beginners can benefit from.

    I found this video instructive, clearly spoken, and full of useful stuff.

  7. Fantastic work Steve. I was just about to buy the "Realistic Nature Pack", but does one need the "Realistic Tree Asset Pack" as well for all the assets? Apologies if it's mentioned in the tutorial I only watched the first view minutes.

    • Just bought the "Realistic Nature Pack ". As I thought there's no trees there, as also not mentioned in the details on Blender Market of this pack. I will now buy the tree pack as well. Awesome work and product by Steve, but it ticks me off because this entire blog post makes it look like one needs only the "Realistic Nature Pack ".

      Bart. Not cool.

      • Apologies and correction. Hectic day yesterday and brain was fried. It does mention both packs in the beginning of the video, just not in the main news post. Great resource and video.

  8. "Blender is free, so should all the contents be" thats the way many think. But the fact is that there is notting wrong making money on a free software. Steve is a very humble artists and teacher, excelent tutorials.

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