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How to Remove Traffic from Videos


Darkfall writes:

In this Tutorial, we will first create a clean plate using our video clip.

Then with a little bit of masking and some compositing we can easily remove the unwanted traffic in our shots.

You can then add some Color Grading and even some camera shake to finish the shot. This technique can be used for a number of things and it's not limited to cars.

Hopefully this tutorial has helped! and as always thanks for watching!..

Download the used video footage here.

About Author


I make Youtube tutorials for blender Users. From CG and VFX to Animations, Shorts and Asset Creation. I upload tutorials once a week along with any assets we create for you to use in your own projects.


  1. You speak too fast and you eat some words.
    If you want to make some tutorials, please make an effort to make them crystal clear for a large audience.
    To guide you : take a "blender guru" tutorial as an example. All what is said is clearly said. A real pleasure to watch and listen to.

    • Darkfall,

      Thank you for this sweet and to the point video.

      Made masking look very simple compared to other tuts I have seen.

      You operating on a single physical cpu computer?

      • Hey Dungeon, I'm glad you enjoyed it!.. Sometimes masking can be a pain but in this example it was super simple. Some times masking can be a pain though lol..

        I use GPU to render and its a pretty basic Nvidia, if that helps..

    • I'm sorry you think that Akpani.. We all can not be an "Andrew Price" you know lol.. I'm sure he took some time to perfect his craft too. I know I still need to work on it but I do make an effort! Each and every video I upload, I try my best to deliver something people will like... and (Looking at the stats) on the whole, people do!..

      I appreciate your comment but I am John, Not Andrew.. I can not be something I am not..

      I will (as I have done) try to improve my presenting skills.

      • Hey Darkfall, happy to read you.
        The goal of my comment is not to turn you into a clone of Andrew Price :-).
        My remark is just about the way you speak. For a non english native speaker sometimes you speak very fast and I need to stop the video and rewind to listen again. If you slow down a little bit the rythm your tutorials should be more appreciated by your viewers all around the world.
        I'm sure you can do it and I wish you to become a reference as Andrew is.

        Anyway, thanks for your tutorial.

        • I completely understand!..

          It's difficult to accommodate everyone, Most people like how fast it is though I understand that It could be difficult for some.

          I'm not sure if you know this but Youtube now lets you speed up and slow down videos that you are watching. This may be of some help but I will also try and be more clearer in the future.

          Thanks for your comment Akpani!

    • I'm not native english speaker and the video is just fine to understand... and my english is not even that good...

      If is to fast for you, just watch the video in a lower speed, like 0.75 or 0.5 lol

  2. Excellent topic and tutorial! thanks for sharing it.

    Masking and retopology
    if you want to animate a masking path... a more technical or better-implemented method, is to create the mask shape, then set a keyframe at the beginning of the mask animation, then set a second frame at the end of the mask animation, now that you have the beginning and the end of the mask shape animation keyframes, you add a keyframe at the middle of the two keyframes and adjust the mask as needed,... then you keep repeating this operation and you keep adding keyframes at the middle of each keyframes, this helps to animate the path a lot faster and in a more controlled way.

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