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The Tomatoes Are Looking As Good As The Real Photo! Render Explained


This render is absolutely amazing, and we are lucky to get an explanation on how it was done by Dorian Zgraggen!

Dorian took this image from Pixabay as a reference and reproduced it in Blender.

The cloth was simulated with Blender's physics. The stems were created with the skin modifier and the tomatoes are subdivided round cubes with a displacement modifier.

SSS was created for the stems, tomatoes and spaghettis (check the node setup).

Here is a fun GIF for your enjoyment:

And of-course the Final Render. Say, were you guys able to tell which one was the 3D render from the thumbnail? Let me know in the comment section below :)!

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  1. Hahaha.. I couldn't tell at first but I guessed right only because the render had been composited (or looked composited) quite a bit. The photograph could have been composited as well though... then I wouldn't be able to tell

  2. Are you guys for real?
    The first thing that bangs you in the eye is water droplets on the tomatoes. They are so fake and seem even lowpoly.
    Stems have not enough chaos and variations. Leaves are flat and simple. And come on, stop bleaching renders. It looks like a bunch oh hipsters with lomo cameras migrated into CG.

    • "Say, were you guys able to tell which one was the 3D render from the thumbnail? Let me know in the comment section below !"

      I'm impressed that you were able to see all of that from the small thumbnail on the home page x).

      Either way, this is the artist's first attempt at realistic render, he did quite a great job at it. Sure, like any other art, there are things to be improved i agree :).

      • Oh, for the first time it's really great. If the thumbnail is the image with the "Which one is real?!" text on it than i can tell the render, but at a smaller one it could be quite undistinguishable.

        • Thank you for the critique, Yegor! I really appreciate your opinion.
          The water droplets are part od the tomato material (just a simple noise texture + color ramp), so they're non-poly(?). :D

  3. I think the steams could use little particle hair and better modeling and texturing, same for the leaves. The water drops results fine using a particle system to distribute tinny spheres with a good material.

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