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SKYWATCH by Colin Levy - Trailer & Kickstarter


Colin Levy has just launched the Kickstarter campaign for his new movie project, SKYWATCH. The trailer is very promising, with excellent acting, sound design and (of course) VFX.

Hi BlenderNation!

Colin here. As you may or may not know, I've been chipping away on an ambitious sci-fi short film for a while now. We shot the project in the summer of 2014, and have been knee-deep in Blender ever since - tackling our considerable visual effects workload.

Our team of volunteers - many of whom come from this community - have gotten through a big chunk of the movie, but we still have a lot of shots left to animate/light/render/composite. As we all know, this stuff takes time! :P

Which brings me to the Kickstarter: we've just launched a campaign to help us speed up our post-production schedule and get through the remaining VFX work. Additionally, we've just released a trailer for the film - to give you a taste of how it's shaping up so far.

I'm excited to finally share a glimpse of this project with the world. Please check out our little video presentation for SKYWATCH, and help us spread the word!

Thank you so much,



And of course all the VFX are done in Blender. Collin says:

We chose to use the Open Source 3D software Blender for the CG work in this project. Even after using Pixar’s Presto for years, Blender remains my favorite tool for 3D. Partially due to the thriving community of artists and potential collaborators, we have developed a Blender-centric pipeline that also includes Nuke and Houdini - and we’ve been very pleased with the results.