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Sculpt January - Time lapse Videos


Yanal participated in Sculpt January and shares time lapse videos of some of his projects. Watch and learn!

Hey :3!

I decided to join in the Sculpt January fun when possible, the Facebook community is great and are posting some nice work.

I was able to do a few characters by sketching a concept and then sculpting them. I made a speed sculpt / time lapse video for each of them. You can find the character story and sculpt/sketch time in the description on each of the respective videos.

Jawbreaker - Day 1: Shark

Vivi - Day 3: Woman Portrait

Aster - Day 4: Asteroid

Sphinxy - Day 5: Sphinx

Bunny Bell - Day 6: Vegetables

Shinigami - Day 8: Turtle

You can also find my work with WIP/Viewport/Sketches/Final images on:

Have a great day, and happy 2017 :D!

About Author

Yanal Sosak

Yan here! I'm a passionate character artist and a sculpter. I love nightlife, sports, music, arts and.. well sometimes I bite! Currently working on creating characters in 3d while streaming in Last but not least, I'm an Art editor for BlenderNation. Feel free to twitter me and say Hi!