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PBR shader for Quixel (Spec/Gloss Workflow)


Packsod presents a Blendershader group for use with Quixel SUITE.

I noticed that there was several good pbr shadergroups created by Blender users,yeah,they are handsome,however, they are all designed for Metallic/Roughness Workflow(like Substance Suite). So I create this shader for Spec/Gloss PBR Workflow(Such as Quixel SUITE),for myself & the guys who need it.

You can download it form Blend Swap.

Note: My .blend just Include the pbr shader & my SIGG bottle model,you can download sample models from the Quixel site for shader testing.

This shader is drawing on others studies, especially the part for metal was borrowed from BlenderBrit's PBRShaderV3, shared on his website.

I will improve it irregularly, you can also modify it to make a custom version, whatever.

Happy Blending!

About Author

Packsod Chang

I'm a concept artist for video games live in Nanking,China,I love toon arts & mech things. working with outsourcing projects for several years as a 2D artist,after using many 3d tools many times failed,finally I chosed Blender,which provided great amusement for me. we have improved 3D modeling skill in BlenderCN--the Chinese community for Blender ,I'm also learning advanced design workflow from pepole around the world, Since I climbed over the GREAT FIRE WALL :) I have learned a lot form others,and also willing to share my humble opinions & discovers when I find something interesting.