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VFX Breakdown: Mobile Strike Playtime


STROB.NET from Canada shares a breakdown of work on a commercial for the mobile game 'Mobile Strike'. His pipeline consists of Photoscan PRO for creating a 3D scan, Blender for footage tracking and 3DS Max for rendering.

Let's start with the full commercial:

Here's the breakdown of the tank scene:


I do 3D animation and VFX since more than 20 years. Please subscribe to my channel!!!

Participating on such projects as Iron Baby, Little Antman, I Pet goat II and Phylactère Cola, video game, movies and commercials for clients like Marvel, Cadillac, Subway, Danone, Kellogg’s, Nestlé and many others

Based in the beautiful Laurentian Mountains near Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

About Author

Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-)


  1. So Blender is really used for more and more industry based productions and especially for the tracking part, which is interesting, because there are some proprietary tools which could handle this part of the workflow. But it seems that Blender has more fine-tuning options than other tools.

  2. WhyShouldICare? on

    Great work, always puts a smile on my face when Blender is used in professional productions :)

    However regarding the ad in itself, and I don't mean to be tr0llin', but there are so many things we are told to be shocked about when others are never questioned. I find it very shocking that an ad shows a kid playing in the middle of a war zone with a big smile on his face right in his living room, with all cultural objects (like the piano) being demolished exactly when the same thing is happening in other parts of the world where kids are vaporized with air-ground missiles while they're sleeping in their beds and thousand year old cultures and reduced to dust...

    Thank you

  3. I don't think the tracking was bad at all. Lighting could have been a little better, but I'd be hard pressed to critique it too much. However, I also was just a tad uneasy with the kid playing in a warzone scenario. I won't read as much into the destroying of cultural objects, as they are just what would be in a living room, and fun things to blow up, but the idea that a kid probably young enough to still have the imagination to make that scenario real (as we're being shown) just doesn't sit quite right. But whatever, from a technical standpoint I thought it was pretty good.

  4. The Ad almost made me puke. From a technical viewpoint it's really well done, and the breakdown is also quite interesting. But after seeing the images from Syria in everyday news, no sane mind would produce such a commercial. Disgusting.

      • WhyShouldICare? on

        "This is an interesting reaction, because not many people are sensible enough to recognize the illness in this video."

        There are 4 comments pointing to it out of 8 (excluding this one) so that's 50% of the people who commented here...

  5. Folks, there has been war in Syria and most of the Middle East for a bazillion years now. There's ALWAYS violence ongoing in the Middle East. Why are you suddenly acting all offended about it now? I don't recall this kind of outcry about the other war-related/violence-related stuff we might see appear on BlenderNation.

    It's good that you have a heart about what's going on over there, but if you're going to be THAT sensitive about a freakin' ad to sell a mobile game, why aren't you protesting the game itself? Heck, while you're at it, go ahead and remove all forms of violence from all video games, movies, and TV shows, while you're at it.

    You folks are being ridiculous. You're not making a sound point here. You're just out to be seen as moral about something that's not even vaguely tone-deaf towards real-world situations--it's just a silly commercial out to sell an even sillier mobile game.

    In any case, this was shared for the behind-the-scenes aspect, regarding Blender's use in production here. NOT some scene for a bunch of armchair U.N. commentators to stand on a soapbox about the crisis in Syria.

    • Besides, it's funny how you're pointing out Syria, but not MANY other places that are likewise seeing violence.

      Where ISN'T war and violence happening? At any given time, there's ALWAYS something going on. People just like to choose which ones to notice.

      Like, I don't hear half the gripe about, say, those Boko Haram girls in Africa, than I do about Europe, America, and the Middle East. A whole village of girls kidnapped and killed, and you don't see much about it.

      I don't see Facebook flag avatars or protests or claims of "illness" being proclaimed on their behalf. Where's the public vigils and sociopolitical defense for them, huh?

      People are selective and pretentious as heck on the matter. You're using this completely unrelated situation to stand on a soapbox about another matter entirely.

      Just appreciate why this video was shared, instead of trying to find opportunity to promote your feelings about a completely unrelated (and cherry-picked) situation.

      Nobody's stepping on what's happening in Syria. These people are simply selling a war-based video game. And sharing the process on how they created the commercial. Period.

      • You're no one to say who is ridiculous and who is not.
        This add is stupid, like the game it's promoting.
        If most critics mention Syria, it's because it's the main war on the news nowadays.
        I'm not even sure doing this kind of add now can be profitable to the game…
        they should THINK a bit before including a kid in the script for this kind of add.
        Imagine for a sec the add would be on air just after the news on TV …
        Gosh … the guys really had a brainstorm putting the script together.

      • I don't like to be accused of "cherry picking", nor being accused of promoting my feelings towards a "completely unrelated situation".
        You totally missed the point, why so many people feel bad about this ad, and why it isn't comparable to other military related posts. I don't even have any problems with this stupid game, nor with violent games in general. The big deal here is that it is promoted using a child.
        Stating that there has always been struggle in the middle east (which is plainly untrue), and that there always will be, is no valid argument to discredit people who see similarities to the ugliest war of this decade. By pointing out the war in Syria as one of the ongoing conflicts, nobody wants to conceal that there is other madness in other parts of our world.

        The fact is: children are the most vulnerable victims in every conflict. They cannot change anything about their situation, they have no credit in the making of the conflicts. If they manage to survive a warzone, they may have lost relatives and friends, may have suffered great psychological and physical stress.
        When grownups choose to kill eachother, children suffer.
        Now here is a grown man choosing to promote the entertainment of war with a child, and you really don't see how this differs from other kinds of display of war?

        I totally appreciate that Bart chose to publish this video, and the breakdown contains valuable information and interesting approaches. Furthermore, I find this discussion extremely healthy and important.

        I don't know where you are based, but here in Europe we are confronted with the results of the syrian war on a daily basis. Sad but true, Africa (boko haram) isn't nearly discussed as much as the middle east by media and politicians. Nor are the other serious outbursts of stupidity.
        My previous comment started with "The ad almost made me puke."
        This was a spontaneous reaction to the the video, it almost had physical impact on my stomach. No wonder that the displayed injustice let's you think about the conflicts that are near you first. So don't blame me (and the others) for mentioning Syria.

      • Wow. Brian, I just, I don't know. First, you're on the Internet. Welcome. Posts are made here to encourage conversation. People have opinions, and they might not be yours or about something you care about, but it's an open forum. About the only opinion I think would be universally frowned upon is that no one else can have opinions.

        Second, if Blender was used to make a comical ad depicting young girls having a fun time being sold as sex slaves, you bet I'd comment on the inappropriate nature of it, and I might bring up Boko Haram, but you'd probably say I was just "cherry-picking" the situation and should just comment on the work of art.

        People are "suddenly acting all offended about it "? I wasn't aware that other opportunities had been made, or other works depicting children having fun in adult situations had been previously posted on Blendernation in order for me and others to have a track record of "Suddenly" being offended. I'll have to go back and take a look.

        And finally, back to my original point, I do have the opinion that war is far to glamorized, and especially aimed towards children. Just because a large percentage of young children are exposed to this over-glorification of violence (and sex among other things) in video games, movies, and TV, does not make it right, again, in my opinion. You're free to disagree, however studies continue to show the moral degradation of our society is having negative consequences in youth with their attitudes towards violence, sex and young boys, as well as girls view of women, as well as many other areas.

        But you'll probably tell me that I'm self righteous and I should keep my mouth shut and not speak out on social issues and just let the world go to pot if it wants to.

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