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Addon: PRO-ElementFX texture painting and library


AFX writes:

I'm proud to release Pro-ElementFX.

Pro-ElementFX is a texture painting tool and texture library which will drastically change the way you texture paint. Included in the add-on are 107 unique textures. Not only is the add-on pre-packed with textures but you can have your own library from filepath!

Upcoming features(v2):

  • More Elements(categories, textures)
  • QuickBrush(fast brush switching tool)
  • BrushDesigner(Fast brush creation)
  • Cycles Support
  • TexturePacks
  • Pack Layers


    • I'd say the middle of September, that's because many features development has not began. Others, nearly done. Thanks for your interest btw!

    • The resolution for each texture varies, so I can't really put a number out there, but I can assure you textures are high in detail.

      • ok! One more question: can I paint with diffuse and normal textures simultaneously? And if not, do You plan to make such a brush feature in your updates?

    • That is a good question though, especially taking into account that Blender itself not so good at hi-res texture painting and (what's most important) realtime PBR rendering

    • If you feel like it's best to purchase SP, then please do so. If you would like to purchase my add-on then you can that as well. Really it's your choice. Btw SP and my addon are no where near similar. My addon provides texture library with the ability to load your own from filepath to make texture painting more fun and easy to use. Although there are plans in adding cycles support which may lead to PBR painting.

      • Afaik SP does have a built-in texture library (plus the substance share+store+database) and ofc ability to add your own textures. *Realtime* PBR is not possible in Blender (Cycles is not realtime), but hopefully that'll come in 2.8 along with a more updated OpenGL and potentially faster painting tools.

        In any case, painting tools in Blender as they are now can certainly be improved, which I think might be the niche your add-on fills (along with being a texture pack).

        Maybe I'm missing something, but the tagline claims it "will drastically change the way you texture paint" - it looks pretty much like regular texture painting to me, albeit with a nice UI for choosing image textures in categories. What else can it do? The product page doesn't really say anything.

        • I didn't really say it would be like SP, in fact it will never get to that level until maybe v3 or 4. Can you please understand that if you feel that it's best to purchase SP, then please do so. When I said change the way you texture paint, I meant not ever having to look for textures online and have a library that provides many texture categories, also not having to go back and forth loading each texture by loading a filepath(folder with textures) that turns into a library for easy access. And this is v1. I have listed upcoming features in which I am currently working on. Again, anyone can get SP or my add-on. All I'm getting from you is "What's so good about your add-on" or " Hey, everyone come get SP and don't buy this guys add-on" That's honesty how I see it, correct me if I'm wrong. If many see my add-on useful, then that's because it is useful and not meant to compete with any other texture painting tools or software. If you feel like there should be SP like features in my add-on, please be patient and wait for v2, otherwise get SP already. Thanks.

          • Sorry that's not how I meant to come across, I was just a bit confused. I'm also sorry if I've steered away any potential customers for you, though I'm sure you'd agree that people have the right to know about alternative products. I just wanted to clarify what this is, so thank you for explaining it :)

    For some reason I cannot reply to your comment, but I apologize for seeing it that way, I've been receiving a bunch of negative comments lately on other forums and people bashing my work. And I'm not too worried about how many customers I get, I just hope my add-on helps people texture paint with ease, although yes, it may be regular texture painting, but v2 will change that for sure. I honestly recommend SP, but like I said, if blender users would like to have my add-on, they can feel free to buy it whenever. And no problem (: If you'd like certain features in my add-on, please feel free to email me, & I will make sure to fit them into v2. Thanks.

    • I think we may have reached the limit for threaded replies ;)

      I'm sorry to hear that people are bashing you about it, the blender community can be real rough when it comes to anyone trying to earn a living with add-ons.

      I won't be buying it myself because for my purposes SP is a neater fit.

  2. I forgot to add a little praise for the awesome materials that come with the plugin. I've seen a lot on Blender Market that are good to mediocre whereas yours look like they're ALL really nice and 'pro'. I'll definitely purchase once v2 is released due to the cycles support.

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