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Benjy Bloom


Jim trim writes:

Hi everyone,

....The first full Benjy Bloom sketch is here!!

And if you missed his introduction...

I'd love to know what people think of the character and/or the animation. Thanks once again and I hope you enjoy :D

- James.

About Author


I'm a freelance animator, and my primary tool is blender. I also dabble a bit in traditional art and last year, produced illustrations for a children's A-Z animal book. I'm trying to up my 3D art skills asap and when I have free time, I enjoy playing the piano (badly:D) !! I hope my work entertains you just a little. Thanks!


  1. blender plaza on

    Nice! One thing to improve is probably using different camera angles/positions. This was also striking me in your introduction video: You always use one single very wide perspective. This is usually good as "establishing shot" (this is how it is called). After that I recommend doing some cuts where you show the character(s) in a more close-up fashion, do some camera tracking/dolly etc where needed to draw the viewers attention to certain aspects like emotional reactions in the characters' faces etc... Just read some books or online articles about movie making. Rules for classical movie making apply to CG work, too, of course. But nevertheless: Thumbs up! Looking forward to seeing more of you stuff! Nice character :)

  2. Nice animation, but I would second Blender Plaza on the camera work. Try "Grammar of the Shot" by Roy Thompson for a solid foundation.

    Also, there's some 'creepy factor' with the beaver animation - it seems like its furry skin is somewhat detached from the musculature/skeleton. It looks like the animal actually wears its skin as a coat. I assume this was to achieve some kind of sloppiness effect for the overweight character...
    Also, what is happening to his teeth - they kind of hang loose and wiggle, while they should be attached to the animal's upper jawbone. It creeps me out :)

  3. Okay, some brief comments:

    - it was overall funny :-) (funny character, pleasant accompanying music, comic situations). You have a talent for this, that is obvious.

    - one downside: the title intro took too long (in my opinion) and the black between the title and the beginning of the story took too long also.
    The rhythm of the animations was very good.

    - and indeed, the wobbly teeth are a little weird. Some times they are just funny, but some times they are a little weird too.

  4. Thanks BlenderPlaza/ Marcheenek for the advice. Yes, the other/next episodes do have other camera angles:) I guarantee, but I can't get too close up to the hair or the characters faces, otherwise things start to go crrAazZy !!

    ....I'll bear that in mind about the teeth, creepy is definitely not the reaction I was going for:)

    @MXD Yes, the intro/changeover was a tad too long - i'll speed this up next time.

    Thanks and I'm glad you found it funny.

  5. Even though the characters name is Bloom, I think there might be slightly too much bloom effect in the video, it makes it little bit hard to watch especially if your room is darkened, when the background is too "bright". That is because of the bloom, of course, it also makes your characters edges fade to background. Overall I liked it and especially how you made the animation. It was very well done. Especially the beaver has very cute and personal way to move and it was cool to watch his actions. :)

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