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Library Items for Blender public Beta


The 'Library Items' project aims to make it easy to share, import and apply assets from a central repository. A first beta is now available. Project member Andrew Patynko reports.

At first, before you`ll get an the answer, think if you ever had before difficulties finding material in any Blender file or creating makeshift library of objects with dozen folders. If you did, Library Items is your choice to overcome these problems.

Our product is a standalone application that integrates with Blender using addons. Everything will be at hand now: you can move files into Blender with usual dragging selected items. Since Blender is cross-platform, the Library Items will also be available on Windows, Linux and Mac.

“Library Items” is always near!

No matter where you use Blender, at home or at work, with Library items you will always have access to your data. You will have access to the three types of libraries: local, global and user online.

  • Local library - this library will be located on your computer.
  • Online user library - is a library that will store your items on the server but they do not don't necessarily have to be public.
  • Global - is a global library, you can publish your data (items). You will be able to distribute items for free use or sell them.

Create, share, help!

Library Items - this is more than just a simple a library. You will be able to communicate with the other users, learn something new, as well as helping newcomers, creating manuals, or translating the manuals of the other. Library Items will support the following data types: materials with support for a variety of renderers, models, textures, scripts, addons, OSL shaders, HDRI images, and other...

In the next version we are planning:

  1. Offline access to local library.
  2. Ability to edit materials.
  3. Viewing of material statistics.
  4. Supporting type “texture” with ability to completely maps.
  5. Profile editing.
  6. Synchronization with Blender’s tab.

Thanks for testing and we look forward to hearing your remarks and proposals!


  1. Looks like a cool and very useful concept. On the mac side, I'm already hesitant and not really understanding why I need a separate application outside of blender when if anything integration could be made through a webapp portal or just within a blender addon itself. Waiting currently for the activation code in my inbox as I think it successfully created an account...

    • Yes, at the beginning as possible way considered implementation of project only with add-on . But unfortunately
      for implementation of everything we are planning it is not enough only Blender API. With next updates I think you will understand the main reason why additional application is used.

    • Emails about activation of account usually arrive immediately but there is exception with and That's why we advice to check spam folder. If there is no email, write to [email protected] from that email you registered the account and we will solve problem

      • Hey.. I did see the message end up in spam and I didn't get to clicking on it yet, but then I received this email:

        We noticed that you did not activate your account. As some email services could recognized email as spam and did not deliver you message, we activated your account manually. Sorry for inconvenience. If you have some question please contact [email protected]

        I have to say, that's pretty unacceptable. I could have put in any person's email, the whole point of the verification process is to make sure the owner really owns it. overall, I like the idea but it feels far from polished and something like this feels real shady.

        • Yes, there are still a few steps to have it polished. Main idea is to have possibility to use your library wherever you are and not depends what PC is used for working with Blender. Have you tried to export you material to Local Library or to Online User Library?

  2. "When creating a user unknown error occured"
    This is what reads at the top of my Login window after clicking on the Create button at the bottom. :(

    What's next?

  3. I tried to install it, but I received an error message that a RUNTIME DLL was not on my computer and to try reinstalling the application.

    But when I tried to reinstall it, I received another error message indicating that I could not reinstall to the same directory and that I had to create a new one instead. That is an odd way to reinstall an application. what happens to any items I had in the original directory?

    So I thought I would uninstall Library Items and then reinstall it. I received another odd message indicating that if I uninstall the application, it will also delete any items stored in the library folder. That is not good coding. There is apparently no way around it. If you uninstall the application then you lose everything you added to the library.

    I think I'll pass on this add-on.

    • We're appreciate for such detailed comment. First you can uninstall Library Items and your items will not be removed. The message says true that program folder including all content in that directory will be removed. The trick is we don't save items (your data) in program folder, it is saved in AppData folder, for example if you are using Windows. So after deinstallation of program your library will be still saved. Second if you are able to sent us screenshot with your problem it will be quicker to help to start application. Anyway I hope second attempt will be successful.

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