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New Krita Facebook Group


Douglas E Knapp has started a Facebook group where Krita users can meet, share Krita work and participate in challenges.


I just started a new Facebook group that is dedicated to Krita, a free and open source 2d art program. Krita does raster as well as vector art . The program is used by a lot of big artists. We have at least one that is posting krita works based on the Daily Drawing Challenge.

A lot of work for the Blender 3d Open films have been done with this program. I invite you to join the group! This program is in many ways like PS but it is much more focus on art.

I also wanted to let those of you that saw this before know that the group is exceeding my wildest dreams and growing fast! See you there!

Our group is dedicated to fostering creatives that want to use Krita. So please come and ask questions or post your work or WIP. We would love to see what you have made. Also anyone that wants to post a tut or whatever is also welcome.

So all you creatives please come and share your ideas, techniques and artwork with our group!


PS, I have no profit motives at this point.

PPS, Artwork License CC-BY-NC-ND David Revoy