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Procedural Stripes in Cycles


Learn how to create patterned fabrics using procedural textures with three different approaches.

Grady Pruitt writes:

Back in August of last year, I was trying to do a shirt with stripes on it, but I wanted to do it using procedural textures in case I wanted to change something easily. I knew it could be done with an image textures, but I wanted to know if I could the other way as well. After searching for a little bit, I couldn't really find many tutorials on how to do such a thing, but I figured out a way to do it on my own. Since I got a number of comments on my shirt, I thought at the time that I might do a tutorial on how I did the stripes.

Some time passed, and as we began this year, I remembered that idea of doing a tutorial on how to do the shirt. In prepping to do the tutorial, I spent a little time trying to see if I could figure out a better, simpler way to do it. It didn't take long for me to find a method that was extremely flexible, super simple to use and understand, and could handle just about any pattern you threw at it.

In this tutorial, I show 3 different ways. The original way I found, a variation on it, and the simple but flexible way that I discovered that can do just about anything from something as simple as pin striping for a dress shirt or suit to a complex crossing stripe pattern like commonly found in plaids.


  1. Thanks, that's something I've been too lazy too figure out, so I usually just slapped an image texture on.
    Although I do like to stay procedural when I can.
    A couple of tips on the video though; when you're working exclusively on the color texture, just plug the result into a emission shader for preview- you'll get near realtime feedback, and there's no need to see the bump and shading at this point.
    Also the info here could have been presented in half the time- just saying

    • Thanks, Russcript. I know I could have fed it through the emmission, but since I had the rest already set up, I did it that way. As for the length, I know I could have simply presented the stripes set up in a much shorter time, but I was hoping that seeing how I came up with this, it might help those who are less experienced see how they can mix things together that they've learned to come up with new ideas and not just be "button pushers". (It's also why I didn't really give "set" values for anything other than in the first, which I also stated could vary with a different scale value.

      Thanks for the feedback, though, and I'll keep it in mind for future tutorials!

  2. Thank you for this tutorial. I'm very new to Blender. Can the pattern be substituted with text so that basically the text takes on the shape of the shirt and wrinkles?

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