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BlenderMarket: Advanced Tearing Tool


AFX-LAB's ClothFX adds dynamic tearing to the Blender cloth simulator.

ClothFX is an add-on that makes tearing objects in Blender possible.

It’s an advanced tearing tool that dynamically tears any object using trigger objects, which will activate where the dynamic edge splitting will occur. You can also enable dynamics, which lets you pin vertices in order to have your cloth hang. That’s when you use a trigger object to begin the tearing process. My team & I are going to make sure to further development of this tool & provide help when needed.

All future updates are free!

Future Plans:

I'd like to thank all supporters & hope you enjoy shredding your objects, as well as participants of Blender's Development Fund.


    • Hey Taurelius,

      Thanks! & that's actually the default trigger object(sphere) that is used to collide and activate edge splitting, but you can always use any other object and enable it as a trigger object.

  1. Sweet! A great feature. Using "dynamic edge splitting" is clever.

    Definitely something I want to see more of with development. Got some good uses in mind with this already!

    Bookmarked the product page in my "Get It When You Can!" folder. Good luck with future development!

  2. This guy makes really cool add-ons but they're always priced twice what the hobbyist market will bear, but still much cheaper what a similar maya add-on would go for. He would get a lot more sales at $19.95.

    • That may be, but realize that it's not the hobbyist market that actually sustains the development of a tool like this, it's the professional market. Same is true of our RetopoFlow.

      In my experience the argument of "there'd be more sales if the price were lower" never proves to be true. Additionally, offering actual support at a lower price point becomes much more difficult, particularly when considering that it's the most casual users that tend to require the most support.

      • Personally I have to disagree with you. I think if development was dributed to the same level of thought in business the industry would be much better off.

        This one will brake your toes. Personally I believe your little market has slowed down the dev of blender and I think it's a lazy man's way of doing business.

        Blender people to me seem much more innovative then most CG communities And i would love to see you guys and your influence help expand the community by good dev than keeping it proped up by a few people using blender.

        I know that I could share this link with several different communities with some nice words and roughly 100000 to 150000 people would visit and probably 10000 to 15000 would by the product. If you have good eductional material that explores different ways of how a tool could be used then you don't need to be tied down to support. not to mentioning empowering people which you guy some what already do.

        Again I know everyone plays old mother hen on there baby, but if you take a broader approach as to who you could be reaching then dev would happen alot faster.

        Your in a great position of influence mate. may be time to start using it more creatively which in turn will make you more dollars.

        Told ya that one would stand on your toes.

        • Okay, let me entertain your comments.

          > I think if development was dributed to the same level of thought in business the industry would be much better off.

          Distributed to the same level in what way? As it is today the Blender development is far, far more widely distributed than Blender businesses are. Blender businesses are still few and far between, all things considered.

          > This one will brake your toes. Personally I believe your little market has slowed down the dev of blender and I think it's a lazy man's way of doing business.

          Slowed how? Is there an example, with evidence, of the development slowing down due to the market? To the best of my knowledge it's exactly the opposite, particularly when you look at the growing abilities and contributions of new(ish) developers to Blender like Januz, Greg Zaal, and Jacques Lucke.

          As for being lazy, I don't think you realize just how much work goes into running and maintaining a marketplace. Or at least in maintaining one that people actually wish to support and purchase from.


          P.S. I don't mind people stepping on my toes, I've got tough feet ;)

          • Glad to hear you have tough toes

            Maybe take a step back and look at what I said in a week's time.

            Personally I love your passion and like i said you are in a good position of influence (Spiderman) perhaps it's time to start thinking bigger.

            Blender heads are creative people. Personally I would love to this extended into business.

            Perhaps we should think about who we are and what really want to represent then just blindly copying everyone else.

            Is that really helping the industry at all. It's easy to be a big fish in your own pond, but the ocean is big place. I would love to see more users and that is only going to come by giving more than we take and i believe it's going to be that way for a while.

            I don't mean become Mother Teresa we all have to pay rent and eat.

            So if you want to take something away from this then take this one thing:

            Really think and be creative and sometimes that means it going to take a little time.

            I have deliberately not answered your questions here in this space.

            Again maybe take a step back and look at what I said in a week's time and assume that you don't have the answer so you have to look at it from a new perspective.

            Chin up buddy you're in a good position influence.

        • Don't get so used to receiving, sometimes you have to give back & especially when you don't have any clue on the time it takes & the efforts that are put in developing tools that can significantly increase your workflow. & don't judge without experience. That "little market" is a success the way I see it. I'd say their success with Retopoflow inspired me. I'm sure it helped a lot with Blender's Development. It most certainly increased efforts, cause hey, who wouldn't continue or furthering development of a feature or even simply bug fixing when money is involved? Especially after already spending most of the time doing it for free. I consider the market being a huge "Thank-you" to all & every developer involved. Maybe try running your own market, you may have "stepped on his toes", but you've never been in his shoes.

  3. I would like to see more "rubber like" tearing. I mean is is possible with this make the object stretch and then tear to parts?

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