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Blender Market: SnowFX- Dynamic SnowTool


SnowFX help you create excellent snow in Blender.

Jesus Alberto writes:

Christmas is near, & SnowFX is the perfect tool for your Christmas scenes!

SnowFX is an add-on that lets you add snow to your objects in a dynamic way.
You add a snow system to an object and use another object(snow helper) to define where the snow should appear. You will see your results instantly.


    • ... thats true. i followed this addon too on forums. but the price realy shocked me. i expected like 5-15 $ most . but 45 $?????????? dunno what developers are thinking about this price.. its not nice to use b lenders peoples love.... its litle addon and not full programm that could get for 45$, so thanks no T_T

  1. That looks cool! If I were making a film set in the winter time, or even just one scene, it would help a lot. If there is something that could really help you out, save you time and effort, such as training dvds or some add ons, then you should buy them. I can't judge the price but it is rather boring to see posts whining about prices without specific reasons. People get so addicted to free it warps the mind I think. Penny wise and pound foolish comes to mind. The market will speak, with dollar votes. So don't listen to the whiners, let the voting begin!

    • I did give the reason. It is an add-on that will be used very occasionally. Because of this it doesn't warrant such a high cost. At $20 I could be tempted but at $45 it is not even a consideration.

      • I would like to give additional reason. If I would fork out $45 for such an add-on, it would have to be spot-on realistic and that's far from the case. As the image clearly shows, it looks a lot more like 'white foam' than like realistic snow on those trees, which probably has a lot to do with particular physics of clumped snow particles on (moving) objects. I've purchased quite a few add-ons and maybe the developers will improve things, but as it stands, IMHO this is not up to par considering the price.

          • It just so happens that I am currently modelling a scene in which I would have found such a script useful, hence the fact that I was following it on blender artists. It seems like I will have to find an alternative method of snowing up my scene.

  2. Yeah, as stated by others this is way too expensive for features it has and quality it produces. Something from 5-10€ would be fine I think. This kind of results can be made with simple geometry projected along the surface of the real object and then subdivided and displaced.

    If you want money, dont be greedy. You need to give more than take to make success.

    • Ever heard of marching cubes algorithm and cython? Completely different from doing those simple tasks in Blender. Maybe you guys should get on the coding side of things and realize that developing add-ons is not easy. & how exactly am I greedy? I have 3 add-ons on the BlenderMarket which have been benefiting Blender's Development Fund. They take 30% of each and every sale which is something I have no issue with which is why I decided to post it on the market. So please don't say I'm greedy and instead say, " I would like a discount".

      • I have no intend to mock your efforts by anyway, just saying this cuz you would make more money out of them if you shared them with lower price. Also I would keep increasing prize as new features are added instead of cashing early adopters. At first its important to get good user base, cashing comes later.

        I am developer myself so I know that coding things takes its time.

      • I've been coding for 30 years. I know how long it takes to write code. I also know that the value of code is based on its usefulness, not how long it took to code.

        • Well, it tends to be a bit of both. As a product, you rate the value of code by how useful it is, but as work, you also based your compensate by how invested the work was. We all account for how valuable our time is worth in our work, so it factors in some with our product's worth. Time is the bigger commodity, after all.

          • There's also the consideration of one's market, of how well one thinks their product will sell, how many people will need it, minusing the taxes and the service fees of the market, and adjusting costs to that projected market in the future.

            It may be worth it to keep a lower price, but at the same time, if you don't anticipate too many people needing the addon, it might also benefit to set a price where, if you just sell a few a month, you can see some kind of decent profit on it.

            Not to mention, however its priced, even Blender Market addons are starting to see piracy now (believe it or not), from the cheapest items to the most premium ones, so even that is something to note in one's adjustments.

            It's all a balancing act. Quite a risk either way. Not easy. Personally, I'd say that asset markets are proving to be more of an art than a science. Anyways, I wish the developers all good luck. :/

  3. hi AFX. i realy would like to get htis addon very much... but we talking about ( 45 dollar ) with this i can survive almost 2 weeks. i know coding is very hard. i tryed myself once.. but i quote someone said > " 30% of 100 sales @ $10 would be a lot more than 30% of 2 sales @ $45." i think its realy true. please sir if you reconsider the price again then many more people could experience this wonderfull addon :)

    • Unfortunately, I've had plenty sales already & decreasing the price will make those customers very unhappy. Plus BlenderMarket won't make much either. As an alternative, I've posted the add-on on the Sellfy site since they accept adding discount codes. So for those who don't want to purchase from BlenderMarket, you can purchase it here with Promo(discount) code: XMASFX

      & please note that future updates are free, so you will get an updated version with features like:
      "Auto-retopo Snow", "Convert to Simulation", & "Snow shader library system"


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