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Patch adds new workflow for precise transforms


A new patch by Jaume Bellet adds a new way to snap models during modeling. I had to watch the video a few times to understand what it does, but it looks quite promising indeed!

gandalf3 writes:

Jaume Bellet has created a patch which adds "transform with basepoint" functionality to Blender's existing transform functions. While still very experimental, this patch already greatly speeds up the precision modeling workflow.

This patch adds a keyboard shortcut (B) for swiftly picking a "basepoint" vertex (think 3D cursor as pivot) during a transform operation.
The basepoint vertex can then be snapped (along with the object being transformed) to any other object, all in the same single operation.
To do the equivalent action the old way, you must first switch to edit mode, select a vertex, snap the 3D cursor to it, exit edit mode, and ensure the pivot is set to 3D cursor before you can even begin moving the object. A total of at least 4 separate operations.

You can read more about it on


  1. So it's a method to essentially parallel transport objects mimicking what would have to happen for one snap point to be transported into another. This should be great! I wonder how it will deal with rotations.

    Another feature for snapping I would like to see is snapping to the closest point of an edge/face, taking into account movement constraints, rather than the current snap to any point on edge or plane.

  2. too many key shortcuts with this tool, in addition to the shortcuts in blender and all the other plugins: geb, gexib, ger20xty, gennet, etc...

    • What are you talking about.

      Pressing B is too much work?

      The workflow is pretty simple and very similar to any other CAD app.

      Specifically the 3 point mirror tool is fantastic or 2 point rotation or scale.

      The current system simply often fails.

  3. Why dont use enhanced 3d cursor add on. This add on let you snap 3d cursor to vertex, edge, face of any object too. Seems to me the same. Or does this patch something more or better?

  4. Well, it's looking awesome! Hopes, this behaviour will be in the trunk one day...
    I still use Sideshift from 1D_Scripts.

  5. awesome.
    this is one thing from CAD programs that i have always wished blender had.

    proper use of snap tools in CAD software is one thing that really speeds up your workflow there.
    while this won't speed up your workflow in all areas or use cases there are plenty of instances where it would be quite helpful and speed things up.

    it may not seem like much when we've got vertex snapping but with this we don't have to constantly turn that on and off and the real boon here is being able to precisely select what part of our selection actually gets snapped to wherever. i can tell you it's quite annoying to have vertex snap use the opposite side of your whole selection that you're moving than what you wanted and still having to put in an exact distance and axis to move it after that. this feature would save a lot of pain.

    i know there's at least one add on that gives this functionality but only by using it's special versions of the move/rotate/etc and without the usefulness of a simple hotkey to allow for this sort of thing just when you need it.

  6. This looks like a great feature. I can't see how some people in the developer page don't think this is needed.

    I hope this goes in asap.

    • because many make a judgment of what is needed based only on their needs and not what in general would be useful.

      Like DAEDALJS already stated - Blender has a snapping tool that often does select the wrong target or alignment and it is also very buggy.

      So this will finally make things work.

  7. I also love current snapping system, it is great for organic workflow.
    But if it will have an extention, that will allow to behave like this, that would be awesome)

  8. Sebastian Rückwardt on

    yeah cursor snappping and the Grid seems to bee ready for a big overhoule in blender ..mabe 2.8

    I had always the useless cursor and keydance to produce a fast workflow for placing & snapping objects together .
    in the game engines placing object is a ugly job...

    The custom built "Blender Sensei Format" does a great job with here new snapping tools that aact most time without keydance ...
    best snapping tool for me feels not like a addon is perfect ..
    hope blender brings the same cool standard for the cursor in the future..
    the old is old..

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