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Blender Developer Sneak Peek #22


Thomas Beck gives us another extensive update on new Blender functionality.

Blender 2.75 is coming - a new sneak peek will help you to grasp most new features in the file browser, VSE, UI & GP section.. please share it!

Learn Blender in depth: Blender 2.7: Das umfassende Handbuch (Galileo Design)

In this episode


  • Thumbnails: New display options (Tiny, Small, Normal, Large) 0:53
  • Fonts: Previews now supported 1:40


  • DoF high quality: Via the new checkbox "High quality" 2:44


  • Proxy storage per strip or per project 4:44
  • Use placeholders to add not-yet-rendered files 9:40


  • Use Ctrl+MW to cycle values (previously Alt+MW) 12:40
  • Multi object value change: Hold Alt to change the same value on multiple selected objects. 13:25
  • Panel drag-collapse 15:54
  • View Online Manual' Shortcut 16:44
  • Add eyedropper for selecting object & obdata 17:22
  • Add material slot reorder buttons - Attention, Material order changes then... 17:30
  • View3D: Quad-view opposite axis switching Pressing Numpad9 now orbits to the opposite side in any viewport 19:02

Grease Pencil:

  • H/Shift-H/Alt-H hides and reveals Layers in Strokes Edit Mode 22:00
  • Draw status indicator in top-right corner when in Stroke Edit Mode 21:19

What's it all about

In this series I'll present new and (hopefully) useful features for all of you outside the Blender 3D development universe... all those features are brand new and are available in the official Blender version 2.75.

Greetings to all of you and thanks for all the encouraging comments and shares!


Happy Blending,

Thomas Beck & the Plasmasolutions Team


    • blender plaza on

      To me he doesn't actually sound like Sebastian :) It's probably just his strong German accent that reminds you of Sebastian König :) (I'm German, too, by the way :) )


      • I guess you're right, Marco. I'm German too, and I don't think that Thomas and Sebastian sound like each other... must be their strong accent ;-)


  1. Brilliant as usual! These sneak-peaks are the only way to find out quickly what the devs have been doing - and all presented at a perfect clear pace from Thomas. Just one little glitch at 17:30, where the description of the eye-dropper gets cut out.

  2. Chrome Monkey on

    This is going to be a great update. I only have one bit of "why in the world" in regards to the coding: What was the thought process with the sort order for material slots? It's rather kludgy. Like sorting a single column in a spreadsheet instead of running an "ORDER BY" clause for the rows as in a MySQL database table. The material and the index number should always be kept together as part of the same record. An implementation whereby the material order is shuffled while the material index sequence is kept frozen breaks the records of the table.

    By changing the ordering of the entire material slots, you would have a result such as
    "index 3 => material.003"
    "index 2 => material.002"
    "index 5 => material.005"
    "index 1 => material.001"
    "index 4 => material.004"

    That way, the order of the slots does not break the key=>value pairs. (And yes, I know I changed the metaphor from SQL by using PHP-like pseudocode, but it's only for demonstration purposes anyway.)

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