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Angel Wings - VFX breakdown


Here's another nice breakdown of a VFX shot in a music video!

Alexander Kadim writes:

Hi everyone!

In collaboration with the Norwegian musician Tooji, my company helped create angel wings for his latest music video called "The Father Project"

The wings are animated in 3DSmax, textured, shaded and rendered using blender and Cycles.
To get the wings from 3DSmax into blender we baked the animation into fbx files and exported point cache for the deformation. Blender is our main 3D software, because of its speed, quick workflow and of course great render engine

The rest of the scene is blocked out in blender. We used a HDRI maps from the church for our basic lighting. And then added a lot of fill lights and key lights using spot- and area lights. Smoke is also simulated in blender. The compositing was done in Nuke.

You can watch the full music video here (caution: contains some gay/slight erotic video):


    • seems like that some of the blender supporters should learn the definition of porn...
      but it's not very important...

    • Excuse me, Sir. Have you watched television or walked through a city once in the last 10 years? This is as much porn as you see on TV ads for soft drinks and clothes, not to mention any random pop song which is 50% chance about sex and showing naked females. I think the offensive part comes more from the fact that it's two men here instead of women. Or is it the location?

      Anyways. I don't get it. The video is very well done from the technical point of view and I like the breakdown a lot. Thx for it.

      • I would feel the same way if the video depicted a male and a female. That’s not the root of the problem for me. The problem I have with this is the fact that some one thought it would be ok to curate highly sexually explicit content.

        Last time I checked this wasn’t a mature website, and I’m sure there are kids that come here. Also isn’t sexually explicit content against the forum rules?

        PS: what kind of TV are you watching that has ads for soft drinks that depict completely nude people?

  1. ==============================
    I apologize for bad translation
    Well. If the gay community pulls the handle to the Blender, the Blender Foundation will soon receive not weak sponsorship, and soon put the Autodesk's doggy style products. Conflicting feelings...

    Ну что ж. Если педальки до блендера потянут свои ручёнки, разработчики получат не хилую поддержку, и блендер быстро загнёт раком Autodesk. Аж не знаю, радоваться или плакать...

      • Explain to me very difficult. I can hardly speak English. Let me just say the following: my word is ridiculing what he saw. I was joking. I can not choose the right word, to be more precise. And I note that in your own words I did not express his hatred of gays, nor express their respect religion.
        If you were not able to catch the essence of it is said in the previous comment, and did not help you a clue that this is a joke, alas, I can not explain it to you. I originally tried to submit the text to the maximum available.
        Suppose you origenalny translated text someone who is able to do, if you're really interested in what I was trying to say.

  2. I've never post a comment on blendernation... I used to come here almost each day, because it's a website I liked very much, but, blendernation, you've just lost one reader (me), and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Each and everyone can says what he wants, it's freedom speech, but it's my right to not come on this website anymore!

    But let's talk about your responsability as an content editor...: so, because some things are related to Blender, and are well done, blendernation allows itself to publish such thing? blendernation does not exercise its automoderation capabilities? So you're ready to sell your soul to earn readers, even if it leads you to use blendernation as a propaganda tool for the cause of some lobby?
    How disappointing...

    I will not advise anymore about blendernation.

    • "I've never post a comment on blendernation... I used to come here almost each day, because it's a website I liked very much, but, blendernation, you've just lost one reader (me), and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Each and everyone can says what he wants, it's freedom speech, but it's my right to not come on this website anymore!"

      Exactly my thoughts

        • I'm more *disappointed* with your spelling.

          But yeah, I come to Blender nation feeling comforted that I don't have to worry about a bunch of political BS.

          Why didn't they do the video in a mosque? Or a Buddhist temple?
          Either way, I think I'll delete that amazon link too.

    • Why you think they should exercise censorship here? Everyone have to deal with different opinions of others anyway. Why to be mad just for someone's different view upon the world? We are different - that's life. Live and let others to live. And in the best case - even learn from the others, especially when their opinions are different from yours, because that can make you internally reacher. ;)

  3. Hey GSPIN,

    criticism is hatred? What a moronic point of view, and how convenient! I'm sorry to have to tell you that.

    Moreover, just an idea: try doing the same with a mosque.. You will taste what is really hatred! ;)

    • Well, i just recycled a very common saying...
      And church, mosque, temple... it's all the same to me.
      Also, criticism is positive. Criticism constructs on what it sees, it doesn't bring it all down. What i see here is not positive, so i can't call it criticism. "Hatred" is not ok? Give it the name you want, but it's not criticism.

  4. I'm sorry GSPIN, you see what you want to see...

    I've made a critic comment! And I don't want to try to make you understand, cause it's seems you don't want to. As I told you, it's so convenient to close discussion and prevent debate by playing the "reductio ad hitlerum" card; that's what you did.

    Another thing adressed to blendernation: did you ask yourself how young people could react to this video?

    • I'm not playing any "hitlerium" stuff. What i mean is that sometimes one has to see things with the right balance of involvement and detachment based on his personality.
      If you can't feel involved, be detached and just look at the technique. It needed a certain amount of time and ability and that deserves respect. This is how i see it.

      Of course you can say you don't like it, you can give your own view about it, and whatever. But it's out there, it's having a discrete success and it's news. So you can't pretend to leave it out just because you don't like it.

      Do you stop reading a newspaper because you don't like what happened yesterday?
      Or write to the director and tell him there shouldn't be any news about your favorite president acting bad?

      OT: hey @bart, can anything be done about this fact that email subscription is turned on by default when commenting? Ideally it should be possible for each user to set his own default.
      Another improvement could be letting the user pick an in-site notification for subscribed topics instead of emails, if this is feasible.

  5. >> such thing
    >> This is absolutely disgusting!
    >> did you ask yourself how young people could react to this video?

    wow, I really hope this is a non-representative sample of our lovely blender community.

  6. I'm a little disappointed as well. I don't really care that it's two men in this video, although I do think it's a little disrespectful to stage such a thing in a church.

    I really like BN and have disabled my adblocker for it (the ONLY website I've done so for), because it is a wonderful resource for people who use Blender, especially aspiring artists, who may be quite young. What disappoints me about Bart featuring this video here on BN is that this should be a welcoming place that anybody can use, and that we can feel comfortable recommending for use by young people, possibly in schools.
    The breakdown would have certainly sufficed to demonstrate Blender's usage in the project. If people would like to have known more about the project, they could have easily searched for it on Google. Let's keep this a family friendly place, ok?

    Before people angrily reply and say I'm a homophobe, that's not the case. I wouldn't want to see something provocative like this (on BN at least) featuring a man and a woman. I'm not going to storm off and say that I'll never come here again- I love BN. This isn't a free speech issue. Bart can put up here whatever he likes. I just hope that in the future he will consider all the different kinds of people that read BN.

    And, by the way, nice wings. It's well composted, although I'm a little confused about why there is one pair for both people. It looks like each one only has one wing coming out of their back?! Strange.

  7. Wow, I did add a caution so if you still went on to see the video you had fair warning. But also fair enough: I've added a note that it's gay/erotic. Didn't think this would be so much of an issue in an artistic community.

    I'll do a better job at flagging such content, but I won't be told that I can't publish it here or that I have some weird 'political agenda'. You couldn't be more wrong.

    • i did not even notice it's both males. (i looked at the feathers and the compositing, which is probably why this video is shown here on blendernation). and quite frankly: i dont care its two males.

      every artist should know anatomy !

      but hey: extremely graphic content!! and sooo blasphemic! ; )

    • The issue is that you (normally) have flagged content giving us a heads up in the -title- of the article.
      For example:

      The Ruud & Jonas Show (Slightly NSFW)

      Image: Nu [Nude]

      In comparison, the above links, "The Ruud & Jonas Show" is more implicit and doesn't 'show' anything, and the other "Image: Nu" which does show nudity, is of a CG model just posing, both of which got tags in their title, and it's just odd that two fully naked people making-out somehow bypasses a (NSFW) tag.

      Those other articles, you made a clear indication of what the content is in the title, this allows for users to self-moderate what they see (or at least when they see it). The absence of any tag in the title came off as an aggressive move to push some statement at the expense of your audience, I'm just glad I wasn't at school when I pulled this up.

      Seriously, that was irresponsible, and partially misleading considering that you historically added tags in the titles.

      • I don't agree in this case though - the breakdown itself was fine, the videoclip was NSFW. And that was clearly indicated in the text.

        • Text is not the same as "Title", that's what's so odd, because the other articles feature a tag in the title (allowing users to judge then, if they want to open the article right then), whereas this article requires users to pull up the content first, then see the "clearly indicated text" after loading the thumbnail illustrating two naked bodies in embrace.

          Which makes the thumbnail for the video and VFX breakdown NSFW if you're in a classroom, (perhaps an art school would be more lenient, but I wouldn't know) this could have caused some serious trouble.

          I'm not at school right now so it doesn't matter (but that was a close one), I just don't understand why this article is being handled so differently compared to other posts.

          • That's not for you to decide for everyone, 4MUSEMAN.
            Different strokes for different folks, it should be up to the individual to make the choice. "wrong" is subjective here since our opinions are formed from cultural differences.

            Many things considered "wrong" in Japan are fine and expected in the U.S. and vice-versa. What's "wrong education", is the idea of disrespecting culture that's simply different from yours.

  8. "All you need is love", The Beatles

    [google translator]
    Sex is a natural function of all living organisms , type two sexes to procreate.
    If that function obtain a pleasure that makes us say that we are, I always seem like a good process as he does not victims.
    Can religion say that? Yes . But not all who call themselves religious.

    El sexo es una función natural de todo organismo vivo, del tipo dos sexos para procrear.
    Si de esa función obtenemos un placer que nos haga expresar como somos, me parecerá un proceso bueno siempre y cuando no haga víctimas.
    ¿Puede la religión decir lo mismo? Sí. Pero no todos los que se dicen religiosos.

    Happy to all, love and flower power :)

  9. [original]
    What does religion have to do with anything?

    It's really stupid to blame religion for bad things people do. That is the same as blaming a kitchen knife for stabbing someone, it's not the knifes' fault, it was made for cooking, someone got injured because of misuse.

    How dare you say "Happy to all, love and flower power" while also saying hateful things about religion at the same time. Acceptance should extend to all people, even the ones you disagree with.

    [google translate]
    ¿Qué religión tiene que ver con nada ?

    Es realmente estúpido culpar a la religión por las cosas malas que hace la gente . Eso es lo mismo que culpar a un cuchillo de cocina por apuñalar a alguien, no es culpa de los cuchillos ' , que se hizo para la cocina , alguien se ha lesionado a causa de un uso indebido.

    ¿Cómo te atreves a decir " Feliz de todo, el amor y el poder de las flores " y al mismo tiempo diciendo cosas odiosas acerca de la religión , al mismo tiempo . La aceptación debe hacerse extensivo a todas las personas, incluso los que estamos en desacuerdo.

  10. I am not a frequent reader of blendernation, as my focus has shifted from 3D design to music productions BUT I never imagined that there are so many blender users that are so homophobic, prude and full of hatred...

    This is a great music video, beautiful CG, wonderful shot and in every scene artistically.
    It hurts to read those comments from a community I once felt like I was a part of.

    @Bart, Thank you for posting this video.

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