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Blender 2.7 Master Book (Sculpt & Simulation edition)


Toudou presents his new book.

I wrote a new Blender book in Japan. This book is based on version 2.74. It has 472 pages and full colored. Of course, this book is written in Japanese.

I also made a promotion video for the book:

Contents is shown as below;

  • Chapter 1. Major updates until version 2.74
  • Chapter 2. Mastering sculpting
  • Chapter 3. Mastering retopology
  • Chapter 4. Mastering Texturing
  • Chapter 5. Mastering hair
  • Chapter 6. Mastering particles
  • Chapter 7. Mastering smoke
  • Chapter 8. Mastering rigid body
  • Chapter 9. Mastering soft body
  • Chapter 10. Mastering cloth
  • Chapter 11. Mastering fluid
  • Chapter 12. Mastering boid
  • Chapter 13. Mastering dynamic paint

For more information go to my blog (but in Japanese).

Thank you!


  1. Congratulations for the content of your book.

    Sculpting is the one thing that I really would like to learn from Blender since I like the organic procedure during the sculpting process...

    The book seems to be very well done. I do not speak Japanese but you must be an intelligent and clever person since Japanese language must be very difficult to learn :)

    • Brian Lockett on

      ...Or maybe he's just Japanese, and like every other human being on the planet, you grow up learning your local language while you're young.

      Why would Japanese be hard for a Japanese person living in Japan to learn? lol

      It's not like we're all born thinking in English. We learn our languages the same way, all around the world: Exposure.

      Japanese is only difficult to someone who was raised in another language and is learning Japanese as a second language.

      But Japanese's no harder to a Japanese person in Japan who learned it as a kid than English was hard for you to learn as a kid (assuming that English was your first or complementary language growing up).

      • that simply isnt' true, Japanese is deliberately hard to learn and speak. children unable to grasp it are exiled to less intelligent regions like europe ;)

        • Thank you for your comments.
          I am Japanese. I don't think that learning Japanese is difficult.
          It is same your feeling when you are learning and using your own language.
          Japanese children is using Japanese with many errors and making different word which never exists.
          But people can understand what they want to speak.
          So, don't be so difficult to learn Japanese.

          • Please ignore this stuff Toudou. It's just a silly joke :). I apologise if I unintentionally offended you.

            I would reply directly to your other post but i cant. Good luck with your book :)

        • 1. You want to cite a reference source for that audacious claim? I have no reason to believe this, with the only reason being simply because you said so. I've even looked for it, and I could find no article or definitive proof of this claim.

          2. There are 127 million people in Japan--all of which speaking Japanese. Apparently, Japanese is a learnable language, like any other existing language.

          3. English is one of the hardest languages in the world. Yet somehow, most of the English-speaking world's managed to learn it. You vastly underestimate the power of children's early developing minds. Children are neurologically built to absorb languages young--they learn languages easier than adults, because they're not impeded by a preconceive notion of it being "hard." By the way, MOST children in the world speak more than one language.


          4. You guys are pretty silly, if you believe what you claim. Just because YOU find Japanese difficult to learn, as non-Japanese people who don't live in Japan, it doesn't mean that's the experience of those who live in Japan.

          5. I'm an American and I've learned some basic Japanese. Growing up watching animé, I grew an interest in it. Japanese is NOT all that difficult--it's just different, that's all.

          If anything, Japanese in some ways can be EASIER than English, because the grammatical rules are consistent in Japanese, and Japanese doesn't have some of the stupid nuanced rules that English often has (like our pronouncing "enough" as "enuff," when the Germanic word "genug" that our "enough" comes from is literally pronounced "geenoog").


          The ONLY reason why I didn't advance learning Japanese is because it fell out of my personal life to learn it. But had I stuck with it, I would've learned it--just like anyone else who learns a new language.

          But honestly, I think Japanese was easier for me to pick up because I was exposed young to heavily influenced by Japanese animation and games. I was already somewhat familiar with the tones, the inflictions, the gender differences, and the informal antics of Japanese conversation. Most other adults have no real interest or fondness to Japanese culture, and so it's more foreign to them.

          So, yeah, it's all about context. One's own experience with exposure. If it was somewhat familiar for me as an American to learn, it's got to be significantly more familiar to someone actually Japanese, living in Japan since birth.

          5. Toudou just confirmed my claim. They're Japanese and just confirmed from their personal experience that sometimes children make the same kind of language mistakes that children anywhere else in the world might make while young and still learning. If you can't trust an actual Japanese person, whose actually from Japan, and who had to learn Japanese growing up, then who can you trust?

          • I know, i was born in Japan. You can quote as much propaganda as you like but I've lived with the shame all my life

          • Hey, calm down.
            I don't understand you are so exited...
            What I want to say is the last sentence of my previous post for someone feel it is difficult. I thought you are one of them.
            But you are not. You can easily learned Japanese for you. It is good new! I want more people to learn Japanese.
            The my opinion about child is based on my observation of my children.
            I know the article that you referred. I agree that child can easily learn everything. They are learning fast with try and error.

            At last, your post is a little bit rude. I disappointed.

  2. I think it's great you wrote it in Japanese. English isn't the only language in the world. It's the third lange, the most spoken language is Chinese then Spanish and then English. But non English books spread Blender wisdom to other countries and causes the community to grow. Resulting in more blender artist and more coders.

    Congratulations with your book !!!

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