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Exploring 2.73 RC1's New Features


The first release candidate for Blender 2.73 is now available and Derek Vanee highlights some of the new features.

In this video I go through some of the more useful additions in todays Blender 2.73 Release Candidate 1 including my favorite: the ability to view environment world images in the 3d viewport in non-rendered modes and new selection and sculpting tools. Plus... who doesn't love a nice fancy new splash screen?


  1. Why would you really share this here BN? So, many mistakes in the first 20 minutes !! I couldn't finish it.

    This is will confuse anyone if they don't know Blender that will..
    Also there is examples and features inside every section why didn't you click on it and learn the right way of doing things.
    Also sometime you try to apply the tool in the older version 2.72 not 2.73 and you say it dose not work.
    Please test before you upload. This confused the hell out of me :(

    The developers worked hard on making this, don't butcher it like that?

    • it's shared because it is important news, a lot of people are waiting for the test version to explore the new features and submit bug reports to help developers
      the admin has the complete right to share it here wether it's a perfect build (which is almost impossible) or a build full of bugs that can't work.
      also if you are looking how to make the stuff from the features videos, look into the documentation and see how it was made, or wait for someone to make a youtube tutorial about it

        • this is not a tutorial that should be taken as a reference, it's just showcasing some of the features, maybe he was using an older version and some things have changed since then

          • Your right it wasn't meant as a tutorial. It also wasn't meant as a 45 minute façade of me bouncing around in the RC for the SECOND time only. I wouldn't appeal to BN taking the article down, however, I don't take my mistakes down so the video and all YouTube comments stay regardless, that's how I learn personally. - Derek

    • I couldn't agree more. I don't understand why you would post this sort of video if you aren't going to actually familiarise yourself with the new features beforehand, and make sure you've actually prepared your environment for the presentation. This was terribly amateurish and annoying, and guaranteed I wouldn't bother checking out the poster's YouTube channel. It's also a bit of a disservice to the developers who worked so hard to implement these new and improved features.

    • Adrian Ferguson on

      I agree. It seems like he doesn't have a very deep knowledge of blender in the first place. After he couldn't figure out how the new full screen function works (ctrl + F10 if anyone is wondering) and seemed to be just discovering functions that have been there since 2.5 I had to stop watching. I'm fully supportive of anyone that wants to lay out all of the new features but they should at least master the program in the first place.

      Blender has been coming out with loads of great features but unfortunately the information on them and how they work is often poorly disseminated since not everyone is reading the release logs. I myself am also guilty of this but I just hope the next attempt is made by someone more knowledgeable or Mr. Vanee takes some more time to learn Blender before attempting this again.

  2. Sorry guys, I shouldn't have submitted this. I didn't expect BlenderNation to pick up anything of mine! Next time I'll only submit any high quality articles or videos we create. My apologies. I am too embarrassed by 50% of the video. -BlenderTek

    • Hey no worries- I'd actually like to see you continue doing these type of videos - you generally present well, and the AV side of the video was great. I just believe you should've prepared better. Seasons greetings, by the way :-)

  3. I would also recommend to delete this article.
    This is a fault, not only your, but also of BN.
    And I agree with Abidal, presenting video on this site it hurts not only your reputation, but also moves into bad light blender

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